SoftBank Group to Move Billions into Biotech

SoftBank Group to Move Billions into Biotech

Individuals from SoftBank Group Corp frequent the TrialSite News website on a daily basis. Clearly, there are individuals interested in the particular site and transparency perspective covering clinical trials there. Reports are that the Japanese multinational conglomerate holding firm invested across sectors, from technology and energy to financial services, will double down in life sciences and healthcare. Already known as a venture capital investor with its $100 billion plus Vision Fund, the company, founded by Masayoshi Son operates a line of businesses and ranks as the 36th largest public company worldwide and the second largest traded company in Japan. With a logo based on the flag of kaientai, a naval trading venture founded by a real samurai  in the 19th century, this adventurous investor plans on holding far more in biotech, for example. Blomberg reports that biotech for example, along with its sibling healthcare, becomes a key pillar in a growing asset management strategy.

Led by the firm’s asset management firm SB Northstar, Softbank itself clarifies that this venture firm remains diversified. Northstar reported painful losses back in Nov. 2020. Reporters Ruth David and Giles Turner help breakdown possible direction.

As the firm holds $80 billion in assets, its chief Son reported recently on a earnings call that SB Northstar was in a “testing phase or test operations.” The firm’s plays in healthcare startups often originate via its Vision Fund as Bloomberg reports such as investments in 10X Genomics and Roivant Sciences. Or the $298 million investment in AbCellera Biologics, the University of Vancouver spinout profiled by TrialSite as a contributor to one of the monoclonal antibody products authorized by the U.S. FDA for COVID-19.  The company also put some money in 4D Molecular Therapeutics and purportedly will allocate $900 million convertible debt in PacBio


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