SiteWatch: University of Nebraska Medical Center Primate Dies

The Omaha World-Herald reports that a primate died last fall after a routine HIV medication procedure undertake for research purposes at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).  Apparently the monkey was given its medication through a nasal-gastric tube. Rick Ruggles noted that Dr. John Bradfield, a UNMC veterinarian and director of comparative medicine noted a research monkey can cost from $10K to $20K a piece—or more.

Ohio-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) made the death public. This group searches federal records to uncover animal deaths or negative treatment in research laboratories. The group reports that the procedure was not the type that should of killed the animal.

TrialSite News notes that animal research is an absolute necessity to advance human medicine. A range of ethical behavior must be associated with such research. Animals share many physiological and genetic similarities with humans and hence animal experimentation is of tremendous help for advancing medical science.

The ongoing advancement of our human species necessitates the ethical use of animals for ethically grounded research. As a species, we experience a great deal of pain and suffering and it would be unethical to stop research involving the balanced, careful and ethical parameters used for preclinical animal research. On the other hand preclinical research must preclude any abuses, mistreatment or consistent negligence. The closer the animal comes to the human family, the greater the standard of care and hence tight ethical boundaries. Primates get quite close.