SiteWatch: Thousands of Nurses Protest NYC Hospital Conditions

Feb 16, 2019 | Challenged Sites, Nursing, Site Challenges, Site Watch

Citing “horrendous” conditions, thousands of nurses have taken to protest to call attention to the situation across New York City hospitals including New York Presbyterian, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and West Campuses and Montefiore Medical Center’s Moses, and Weiler Campuses as reported by News 12 in New York City. These medical centers also include clinical trial research operations. Anytime we see a health provider labor action on this scale and magnitude, we believe it is a red flag.

The complaints center on claims of inadequate staffing leading to longer wait times and insufficient time spent on patients. An insufficient patient-to-nurse ratio also represents a major point of contention according to nurse claims.

We can’t be 100% certain on the truthfulness of these allegations, but we don’t doubt considerable issues exist within these institutions. Our interest centers on the clinical research operations, however, when we see this type of potential trouble on the medical care side, concern creeps into clinical research. These institutions are actively recruiting patients for trials. We will monitor this situation.


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