SiteWatch: Research & Health Workers On Strike Across California

Research, technical, and medical workers disrupted daily life at University of California, Medical Center in an attempt to call attention to stalled contract negotiations with the University of California, reports the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Workers in these health and research institutions complain of growing workload, stress, long hours and outsourcing. This is the third walkout in less than a year at the University of California’s 10 campuses and 5 hospitals. UPTE-CWA represents 14,000 research, technical and health care workers called for the 24-hour strike after the negotiation impasse between the union and the university. The UC management position centers on the fact that they continue to create union jobs. The University of California is a major nexus for clinical research and healthcare in the largest state in the nation. The two sides should understand the bigger picture and work towards progress before it materially impacts the UC research brand.