SiteWatch: Morehouse Healthcare Supports Underserved Communities

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The social determinants of health are a big deal.  From economic and education levels to ethnicity in America health and clinical research inequalities abound.  Morehouse, a venerable African American educational institution, is dedicated to supporting those communities that face greater uphill battles than perhaps others.  Morehouse Healthcare in Atlanta is a multi-specialty medical practice and one of Georgia’s premier primary care facilities.

Founded in 1985, it began as Morehouse Medical Associates Inc. but later changed its name to Morehouse Healthcare. With more than 100 full-time practicing physicians who also serve on the clinical faculty at the prestigious Morehouse School of Medicine, Morehouse Healthcare is community-focused in its mission and operates under the motto “Compassionate Care. Innovative Medicine.

Morehouse Healthcare represents a primary source of wellness, healthy living and preventative health education for Georgia’s—and the nations’-diverse and underrepresented populations including Atlanta’s communities of color.

The Morehouse School of Medicine includes the Clinical Research Center a multi-faceted clinical research center.   Core research programs include:

The Clinical Research Center includes several prominent institutes ranging from the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute to the Cardiovascular Research Institute.