SiteWatch Concern: UK Investigator Punished by General Medicinal Council for Fraud & Misrepresentation

UK medical fraud

The BBC reports that a Blackpool, UK investigator representing Layton Medical Centre has been punished for faking clinical trial data.  The General Medicinal Council (GMC) has ruled, among other things, that Dr. Jerome Kerrane showed “persistent, sustained and deliberate dishonesty.”  Apparently, the investigator skipped the hearing and included no legal representative.

Investigator Kerrane enrolled ineligible patients into clinical trials between 2007 and 2014 for drugs to treat chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Apparently, the investigator fraudulently entered data to receive payments. Kerrane also redirected sponsor payments to his personal bank account and not Fylde Coast Clinical Research Ltd, which carried out private clinical trials on behalf of drug sponsors according to the BBC article.  One of the trial sponsors, Novartis, received fraudulent communications from Mr. Kerrane that practice nurses had issued salbutamol inhalers to patients.  He then retrospectively altered such records to include the fake prescriptions to induce payment from the sponsor. Layton Medical Centre was not able to provide a spokesperson for comment.

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