Site Watch Leading: Ochsner Health Enterprise Innovation


As HealthcareIT News’s Mike Miliard reports, for New Orleans-based Ochsner Health, innovation is an enterprise-wide effort.

“It’s my job. We wake up every day and this is our mission— we’re not getting pulled off on other short-term issues that are important in the day to day operation of the business,” said Ochsner physician Richard Milani, MD. “We’re able to devote our energy full-time to this. One instrumental way Ochsner leadership sought to support system-wide innovation, in fact, was to produce a dedicated team toward that end,” he said. “So instead of just paying it lip service, the CEO went out and said we’re going to create a new role, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, and invest resources into the whole process of innovation.” Milani knows better than anyone, since he is that CCTO, a role he’s held since 2012 (he has worked at Ochsner for two decades as a clinical leader focused on cardiovascular diseases.)