Silicon Valley Philanthropist Shares Review of CDC Data: COVID-19 Vaccine Associated with 100X Deaths Compared to Influenzas

The following was produced by Steve Kirsch. TrialSite’s Op-ed exists to provide point of view and perspective, not necessarily the view of this media platform. But diversity of opinion and perspective during a crisis such as this is of utmost importance. Steve Kirsch, a drug development philanthropist, regular contributor to the TrialSite, and founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), is actively funding research into generic repurposed drugs such as fluvoxamine that evidence efficacy targeting COVID-19. Kirsch, a trained engineer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), made a fortune in Silicon Valley, inventing notable technologies such as the optimal mouse. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned drug development philanthropist now studies the novel COVID-19 vaccines, with a particular interest in ensuring that the public is sufficiently safe. He recently focused his attention on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), comparing and evaluating the past ten (10) years of safety data associate with the influenza vaccine versus the brand new mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines now authorized under emergency use for COVID-19. TrialSite notes that there is overwhelming evidence that these vaccines are effective, and, in fact, recent studies indicate that most people that end up in the emergency room today are those that haven’t been vaccinated. But the Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned drug development philanthropist makes some discoveries.

TrialSite’s focus on research transparency and accessibility over time contributes to a greater overall trust in biomedical research, which leads ultimately to greater patient and volunteer participation, critical in the advancement of medicine.  Kirsch recently ran a comparison of the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines. TrialSite must qualify that the data reported on in VAERS isn’t necessarily associated with the actual vaccine. In fact, the U.S. government repeatedly declared that deaths reported in association with the vaccine have been systematically declared not directly associated with the jab. 

The CDC operates a vast nationwide safety monitoring program that includes not only VAERS but also v-SAFE, as well as other Vaccine Reporting Systems and the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring Systems for Pregnant People

About 42% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated, to date, representing one of the vastest mass vaccination programs in history. About 296 million people have received at least one dose and about 136 million people have been fully vaccinated. From one point of view, the probability of any safety incident is indeed very low. That’s one reason why the CDC recently changed the mask mandate and how, from state to state, normalcy appears on the horizon.  With such an important mission, the proper recording, tracking, and analysis of safety incidents represents a key input for ongoing continuous improvements to the next wave of vaccine products. 


  1. Very interesting post.
    Do you have the figures for the number of flu vaccins administrated in those 10 years, and the number of CoViD “vaccins” for the 5 months you are looking at?

  2. Why not also mention that natural immunity is also contributing to the pandemic’s demise? With ~ 33M positive tests, and ~600k deaths (if we are to believe they are actual deaths from COVID) means we have ~ 32.5M people with immunity? Why have we not heard much about the benefits of natural immunity?

  3. Thank you for creating this Steve. You have helped me to bridge a gap in my understanding here. I have done a few VAERs searches myself and found the case details to be overwhelming, although necessary. Your example gave me the opportunity to assess in a more detached way, also necessary for comprehension. I appreciated the description of the “horn” aspect of the substances creating inflammation, in places where the body is expecting smooth substances. I now understand the relevance of PEG, and that it should not have been included. Using up stored stock is not a valid reason for inclusion, in my opinion, as there is too much at stake here for a manufacturer to have such a ‘laissez-faire’ cavalier attitude.
    I query, “Did government decision makers use undue pressure to manipulate manufacturers into cutting corners in order to meet unrealistic timeframes to get these products into circulation?”
    I want to know, “What is the *actual reason* that PEG was included?”
    I want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on these points. Who knows the answers to each of these questions?

  4. I would like to thank Steve Kirsch for his open mindedness, mental set shifting, and support against Covid-19.
    In addition, he properly and correctly identifies Dr Robert W Malone as the inventor of mRNA vaccines !
    However, while the ovary is a site of vaccine localization the testis is not.
    The sspike induced dysfunction appears to be abated by :
    and our outcomes are consistent with that work:
    Tomera, K., and Kittah, J. (2020). Anosmia in COVID-19: Celecoxib Appears to Speed Recovery. Journal of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics & Pharmacovigilance 4.
    Tomera, K., Malone, R., and Kittah, J. (2020). Brief Report: Rapid Clinical Recovery from Severe COVID-19 with High Dose Famotidine and High Dose Celecoxib Adjuvant Therapy. Enliven: Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety 6.