Sidra Medicine Earns Joint Commission Accreditation While Research Branch Posed for Growth

Sidra Medicine Earns Joint Commission Accreditation While Research Branch Posed for Growth

Sidra Medicine, a state-of-the-art medical provider based in Qatar, has been awarded the Joint Commission International Gold Seal of Approval for its hospital and academic medical center. They are a 400-bed women’s and children’s hospital, medical education and biomedical research center in Doha, Qatar. This prestigious accreditation not only takes the Middle East provider’s health care services to the global stage, but also signals to global clinical research partners Sidra Medicine Research Branch is open for major research projects.


A member of Qatar Foundation, this provider first opened its outpatient faculty in 2016, followed by its inpatient hospital in January 2018. At its peak operational capacity, it can serve over 275,000 patients per year. Its recent accomplishment, reported in MENAFN, earns the attention of TrialSite News.


Awarded the prestigious global standard Joint Commission International Gold Seal of Approval for its hospital and medical center, Sidra Medicine was commended for its efforts to become a quality improvement organization while in the process ongoing demonstration of commitment to patient safety and quality. The JCI Gold Seal of Approval was presented by Dr. Mark R. Chassin, President and CEO of the Joint Commission, and Paula Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer to Sidra Medicine.

How did Sidra Medicine do it?

Well Dr. Chassin presented on high bar required to secure the accreditation—what it took to become a High Reliability Organization as part of a step-by-step process of becoming JCI accredited. For example, he emphasized the importance of integrating process improvement measures, governance, financial planning and quality strategy and priorities effectively.

The receipt of the JCI accreditation follows a successful survey of the hospital’s facilities, patient-safety processes and as an academic medical center in November. The Qatar-based provider has been working diligently to prepare for JCI accreditation since opening its main hospital in January 2018.

Sidra Medicine Participants

Mohammad K Al Mana, Chair of the Transition Committee and Member of the Board of Governors chaired the ceremony while Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Lead for the provider’s JCI accreditation, was on hand. Also present were several board members and participants from partner healthcare organizations, such as the Qatar Ministry of Public Health; Hamad Medical Corporation, including its Ambulance service; Primary Health Care Corporation and Aspetar

Bringing Qatar to the Next Level: Research and Clinical Trials included

The JCI accreditation establishes Sidra Medicine as a serious health care provider committed to high-quality care and a culture of safety for patients, visitors and staff as well as offering an established academic program for residents, fellows and students. The accreditation also applies to Sidra Medicine’s research practices particularly within clinical care programs. It highlights that Sidra Medicine’s delivery model of care is based on leading, evidence-based practices.

Sidra Medicine Research Branch

Sidra Medicine Research Branch is an international biomedical research institute of excellence, created in 2015 by Qatar Foundation (QF). It seeks to discover and advance knowledge for the benefit of society, public health and economic prosperity in the field of biomedicine in Qatar. 

Serving as a hub for biomedical research in Qatar in pursuit of greater understanding of epidemiology and mechanism of diseases, it also seeks to develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and improve the health outcomes of women and children.

Research Activities

Sidra Medicine Research Branch embarks on both preclinical research and clinical trials. In the latter, the provider focuses on new treatments and procedures involving appropriate volunteer patients who have not responded to traditional treatments. In this way, Sidra Medicine Research Branch brought advanced clinical research as a care to Qatar in 2018. They also include a genome sequencing facility—the largest one in the Middle East through the Qatar Genome Program (QGP) seeking to sequence the genome of the Qatar population.

Research Focus

·       Sidra Medicine Research Branch focus areas include:

·       Molecular and cellular medicine

·       Diagnostics and prognostics

·       Druga and medical device discovery

·       Genomics and genetics

·       Rare diseases

·       Diabetes

·       Heart malformations

·       Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders

·       Stem cell and regenerative medicine

Principal Investigators

The Research Branch brings together an impressive group of clinical investigators focused on specific research areas.

Concluding Remark

Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, Chief Medical officer and Executive Lead for Sidra Medicine’s JCI Accreditation noted about the milestone: “This time two years ago, we celebrated the official opening of our main hospital with the world. And now we have cause to celebrate another important milestone, receiving the academic accreditation from JCI.”


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