Sechenov University Completes First Step of its Clinical Trials for Vaccine Developed but Some Report as Fully Complete: Questionable Claims

Sechenov University Completes First Step of its Clinical Trials for Vaccine Developed but Some Report as Fully Complete Hogwash

Elena Smolyarchuk, principal investigator for the clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine, announced the completed study, and the team has declared to Russian press that the safety of the experimental product has been established. This reports the head of Sechenov University’s Center for Clinical Research as volunteer participants were discharged from the research site on July 15 and July 20. Some press is announcing that Russia is the first nation to finish human trials for a COVID-19 vaccine. How could that be when they just announced preliminary safety studies in June? The answer is that it’s propaganda, also known as “fake news.” Its good news that preliminary safety trials for yet another vaccine in the world demonstrates positive results. The more safe and effective vaccines the world has the better. However, its disingenuous to declare the entire vaccine is ready after a one month study involving under 100 participants.

The Study

Sechenov University’s Center for Clinical Research led this study of the vaccine developed by Russia’s Gamaelya Research Institute on June 18, 2020.  In another media source, Alexander Lukashev, director of the institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical and Vector-Borne Diseases at Sechenov University, also confirmed the safety of this vaccine has been established.

The research team will continue to monitor the participants on an outpatient basis.

Vaccine Nationalism

In a play on words and on reality, some press out there are declaring that Russia is the first nation to actually complete vaccine trials. This appears to be nationalistic propaganda as the preliminary studies just started June 18. How could an entire COVID-19 clinical trials vaccine program be complete in less than a month?  Even Forbes picked up on this propaganda without any critical vetting. It is not possible, hence this is distorted news: AKA fake news.

The Vaccine

As TrialSite News reported back on June 18, Gamaelya Research Institute announced this indigenous Russian vaccine and the parallel initiation of the Phase 1 clinical trial. At the time, Russian press reported seven investigational sites would be involved across the country. They are investigating two forms of this vaccine including a liquid and a powder based product. The study was to consist of two groups of 38 people each. Not surprisingly this effort has included some controversy which can be reviewed here

Lead Research/Investigator

Elena Smolyarchuk, Director, Center for Clinical Research, Sechenov University

Call to ActionTrialSite News is glad that more vaccines are progressing: the world needs it. It isn’t nice nor professional to try to trick and deceive people via the press. That will be called out.