Scotland Trial Sites ‘Plead’ for Locals to Participate in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

Scotland Trial Sites ‘Plead’ for Locals to Participate in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

A lack of sufficient volunteers is starting to impact COVID-19 vaccine trials as the Tayside health board and the University of Dundee now plead with prospective volunteers in this part of the United Kingdom. The health centers seek at least 400 volunteers aged 18 and over from the Tayside and Fife areas for a representative sampling of the entire population. The centers, of course, are part of the socialized health system called the National Health Service or NHS.

Based on the eastern coast of Scotland, University of Dundee, a public research university, dates back to 1881 made possible by a donation from a prominent textile manufacturer at the time. The university’s research division offers an interesting research portal for an overview of the extent and reach of investigations out of this part of Scotland.

Other COVID-19 studies

By August, University of Dundee School of Medicine announced its involvement in the study in partnership with biotech company Insmed Incorporated to investigate the use of brensocatib (formerly INS01007), a drug being developed to treat lung inflammation in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Known as the STOP-COVID19 (Superiority Trial of Protease Inhibition in COVID-19), the team explores whether this investigational drug can reduce the incidence of acute lung injury to patients spending fewer days dependent on oxygen and shorter periods of time in hospital, reducing healthcare system burdens.

Tayside Builds a Registry

Back in Aug. 2020, Tayside health sought to sign up local residents for a local COVID-19 vaccine registry to support vaccine trial volunteer recruitment. With a number of vaccine trials ongoing, researchers sought to identify residents from all backgrounds and from all parts of the UK to help ensure sufficient volunteer participation.

Professor Jacob George leads the NHS Tayside Research & Development and reported, “We need to successfully demonstrate the safety and efficacy of vaccines in large scale clinical trials in order to make progress in our battle against COVID-19. I would strongly encourage the people of Tayside to support us in these efforts by joining the vaccine registry.” 

Lead Research/Investigator

Professor Jacob George, Clinical Professor, University of Dundee

Local Information

For local residents that want to help challenge COVID-19 they can visit various local websites, such as NHS’s research contact site and the Be Part of Research.

Those interested in participating can also email contact details to [email protected]