San Mateo County Health System $57m Shortfall will Face Severe Cuts Impacting Care

San Mateo County Health System $57m Shortfall will Face Severe Cuts Impacting Care

The San Mateo County Health System will need to make drastic cuts to services, which will impact patients in this generally affluent community in the San Francisco Bay Area—in the heart of Silicon Valley. The system will propose cuts to overcome a $57 million shortfall. 

In a seemingly dichotomy, given that this region is one of the wealthiest in the United States yet basic public health services are struggling for funding. The cuts will hit those “underserved populations” the most—lower income and ethnic minorities from the flatlands in San Mateo, near East Palo Alto and up toward San Francisco in communities, such as Daly City. Cuts could include:

  • Number of psychiatric beds, impacting the many with behavioral and mental health needs
  • Closure of its pharmacy
  • 80 employee lay-off
  • Potentially cut its ophthalmology department

County administrators hope this will save them $16 million. In parallel, San Mateo County Health System must increase revenues by over $30 million by bumping up EMT certification fees, increasing the number of patients who can have procedures accomplished in a day and improving workflows. Their Board will vote on this plan Jan. 28, reports Becker’s Hospital Review.

San Mateo County

San Mateo County abuts San Francisco County and sits in the nexus of Silicon Valley.  With about 768,000 people, the median household income is nearly 125,000, making it one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Some research has occurred in the County Health Hospitals however a growing reality in California is an enrichened private sector and an increasingly impoverished public sector.