Salt Lake City’s Foothill Family Clinic Rapidly Enrolls Vaccine Participants for Two Phase 3 Clinical Trials

Salt Lake City’s Foothill Family Clinic Rapidly Enrolls Vaccine Participants for Two Phase 3 Clinical Trials

Thanks to a partnership with J Lewis Research, healthcare provider Foothill Family Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, is conducting two Phase 3 clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine candidates from both Moderna (mRNA-1273) and Pfizer (BioNTech’s BNT 162). The family-focused health care provider participates as an accountable care organization (ACO) with Utah-based payers and has been caring for Salt Lake City-based residents since 1976.

Foothill Family Clinic Research Partnership

J Lewis Research and Foothill Family Clinic formed a partnership in Salt Lake City to enable patients at the provider to access Phase 2, 3, and 4 clinical trials. Based in Salt Lake City, J Lewis Research conducts many different studies from migraine headaches to meningitis and flu vaccines, and of course, now COVID-19 vaccines from both Moderna and Pfizer. Founded in 1980, J Lewis Research counts from 20 to 40 employees and is still an independent sole proprietorship according to their Linkedin profile.

Focus on At-Risk Individuals

At Foothill Family Clinic, Dr. James Peterson, study investigator, reports, “Now we move on to phase three trials, which are meant to include those that are at high-risk exposure, at risk of complications,” reports Kelly Vaughen at 2 KUTV Salt Lake City. Ms. Vaughen reports that the Foothill Family Clinic site seeks to enroll between 200 to 300 volunteers for each study: of course, each one targets a total of 30,000 participants.

First responder Ahmad Ali is an example of the high-risk exposure group participating in this study. The first participant in Salt Lake City to receive Moderna’s mRNA-1273, Tom Saul, reports to the local press, “I have no concerns, thus far. We’ll see after this second shot. I’m the first one to get the second shot, too,” reported 2 KUTV.

Study investigator Dr. Peterson reports, “We expect a number to become infected with COVID-19 and over time we expect to see a difference in the frequency of that infection between those that receive the vaccine and the 50% who receive placebo.” Dr. Peterson reports that although different volunteers participate for different reasons, an underlying reason is “the desire to be part of a solution,” reports 2 KUTV.

Lead Research/Investigator

James Peterson, MD

Call to Action: if you are based in the Salt Lake City area and seek to contribute to the war against COVID-19, contact Foothill Family Clinic (J Lewis Research).