Ruijin Hospital China Partners with Other Hospitals & Clinics for City’s first Rehabilitation Provider Network

Team of doctors and businesswoman having a meeting

Ruijin Hospital teamed up with another three hospitals and two neighborhood health centers to set up the city’s first provider network for rehabilitation services. China experiences great shortages for rehabilitation services so creative collaborative approaches such as this deal represent the future.

Ruijin Hospital

Based in Shanghai, China, Ruijin Hospital is a renowned general hospital with a rating of “Grade 3, Class A,” the highest rating in the Chinese medical system. It is a university hospital affiliated to the School of Medicine at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The hospital boasts many world-recognized medical scientists, investigators, and experts.

Founded in 1907, formerly known as Sainte Marie Hospital in English and Guangxi in Chinese. 


Ruijin has teamed up with three hospitals and two neighborhood health centers to set up a rehabilitation network. For Shanghai, this can lead to many other cooperatives and collaborative networks that will ultimately support clinical trials as well. 

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