Rhode Island Man Recovering from COVID-19 Seeks to Participate in Clinical Trials

Rhode Island Man Recovering from COVID-19 Seeks to Participate in Clinical Trials TrialsiteN

Kevin O’Neill, a Rhode Island resident who is now recovering from COVID-19, hopes he can participate in a clinical trial and give back to others. He believes he contracted the virus while traveling to the UK and Germany while on business earlier in the month. He wants to turn all of this into a positive and ultimately contribute to treatments and a cure.

Kevin fell ill to COVID-19 while traveling in Europe. He has made a full recovery and wants to use what happened to him to help others, reports NBC 10 News. Mr. O’Neill reported to NBC 10 that “this is a horrible situation for a lot of people, I am not trying to downplay it.” He continued, “But there are graces and there are positive things that are coming out of this.”

Participate in a Clinical Trial

For example, O’Neil has contacted two research companies to offer his experience and participation which exemplifies a truly positive, giving attitude and ultimately spirit. Thus far, Kevin hasn’t heard back. He figures even if he can contribute blood samples it could possibly be of help to better understand COVID-19.

The Glass is Half Full

We comment Kevin O’Neill. Rather than turning to the negative he is sticking positive. He understands the innate human desire and mission to drive forward, positively a better tomorrow. HE knows we are living in a time of extraordinary scientific and medical breakthrough and, in fact, noted to NBC 10 News just Monday that “I’m quite confident that not only are we going to have a vaccine for this at some point down the road, but more importantly and sooner, therapies are going to help people who are suffering.”

And there will be a newfound focus and attention on advancing health care infrastructure including advanced testing, diagnostic and digital care coordination for example moving forward. Hopefully, the two research companies are responding to Kevin’s offer soon.

Call to Action: Check out the NBC 10 News video and get some inspiration from Mr. O’Neil.