Regenstrief Institute Partners with MDClone to Accelerate Data-Driven & Privacy Assured Research

Regenstrief Institute announced a partnership with Israel-based MDClone to leverage data to unlock the power of data for medical research according to a recent EurekAlert! press release. With an emphasis on protecting patient privacy, the pair seek to leverage each partner’s core competencies to accelerate medical research.  What are these organizations core competencies?

Regenstrief Institute was established on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus in 1969. The institute is a nexus of prominent organizations including Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Eskenazi Health, and IU Health. Its mission includes the improvement of quality of care, increased efficiency of healthcare delivery, improvement of quality and enhancement of patient safety. The institute’s CEO Peter Embi, M.D., said they are a “data steward and broker for one of the largest sets of biomedical data used in research around the region and the globe.”

Regenstrief’s Date Core program is a crucial point of access for the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC). Data Core analysts assist investigators in their quest to transform data into knowledge in the pursuit of health quality and excellence. With an emphasis on compliance and data protection, an array of services support researchers nationwide and beyond. It also includes the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE)—one of the largest in the United States. It houses more than 18 million individual patient data over a 30-year time. Data elements include lab reports, microbiology, pathology, radiology, EKG data, etc.  Regenstrief maintains exclusive access to this research database.

Who is MDClone? Israel-based MDClone, founded just in 2016, has developed a unique system for preserving the privacy of information while allowing researchers access and use. If this technology works at scale the company is on to a very large market. The demand for enormous amounts of health data grows by the day. The founding team is impressive—they previously built dbMotion which was acquired by Allscripts for $235 million in 2013. According to website, they have raised $15 million in venture capital funds. Based on their website they liberate data by introducing unprecedented privacy protection in addition to “modern big data technologies to offer heretofore not possible privacy assurance for multinational research organizations.”

The company has built a proprietary healthcare-oriented data engine and Synthetic Data Engine, powering real-time retrieval of data based on longitudinal events with 100 percent unidentified synthetic data. Consequently, any question, cohort or population and any data element from any source can be analyzed—all in familiar terminologies without programming skills or mediators. The company claims all of this comes with 100 percent guaranteed patient privacy. Their technology shortens the time to access and ensures the privacy of data-reducing compliance risk. The novel synthetic data engine enables a level of compliance certainty heretofore not possible.

MDClone reports that in just two years since its inception, they have partnered with over 80 percent of Israel’s healthcare market. They entered the United States with its first major project involving Washington University School of Medicine. 

Now MDClone will apply its technology and methods to troves of Rregenstrief network data to demonstrate how it can enable more rapid, high-value results. The work will focus on data-driven initiatives with the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University Health, Eskenazi Health and the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE).