Rampant microbiophobia is out of control! New insights on the true nature of viruses

Rampant microbiophobia is out of control! New insights on the true nature of viruses

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Dr. Ron Brown

June 17, 2021

Do you think the spreading coronavirus escaped from a Wuhan lab? You might have microbiophobia. Do you hope a vaccine will protect you against the coronavirus? You probably have microbiophobia. Do you feel safe from the coronavirus while wearing a mask, sheltering in place, and maintaining social distancing? You definitely have microbiophobia. Rampant microbiophobia—disruption of our lives from irrational fears of microorganisms such as viruses—is out of control in our society! But what exactly are these terrifying microbes called viruses? Where do they come from in nature? What do they do, and where do they go when they’re done doing whatever it is they do? Despite our society’s pandemic-related microbiophobia, all attempts to avoid the one-quadrillion viruses (1,000,000,000,000,000) lurking within and on the human body are futile. Metagenomics and future perspectives in virus discovery - ScienceDirect. How did so many viruses take up residence in areas of our bodies known as viromes, and how can we overcome our irrational,...

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