Raising Public Awareness for Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: LUNGevity Launches Campaigns to Help Save Lives

Raising Public Awareness for Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: LUNGevity Launches Campaigns to Help Save Lives

LUNGevity is the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused non-profit group. The organization recently featured stories of lung cancer survivors and their families in its Inhale for Life: Clinical Trials public service campaign. The social media video series aims to educate and encourage people living with lung cancer to explore treatment options that may be available to them via clinical trials.

Testimonials: Clinical Trials can Save Lives

LUNGevity launched a social campaign highlighting testimonials of lung cancer patients that have benefited from clinical trials. Lung cancer patients now have options heretofore not available even just a handful of years ago. These therapeutic and diagnostic options are now available in the form of advanced new therapies or cutting-edge investigational treatments—in either case, clinical trials have made this possible. These trials are a critical resource for the discovery of new treatment methods for cancer, yet many are completely unaware that these trials even exist. 

Inhale for Life: Clinical Trials

The Inhale for Life: Clinical Trials campaign stresses the importance of clinical trials and is designed to spread awareness of lung cancer patients and their families.

Other Holistic Programs and Services

LUNGevity offers a suite of valuable essential services to help cancer patients find the ideal support and treatment. By involving various stakeholders concerned with lung cancer, they focus on defining and then achieving excellent patient-centric, efficient, clinical trials, and therapy development paradigms for lung cancer. Some critical services include the following:

Clinical Trial Ambassadors

Advocating for access to clinical trials so that all eligible patients can participate, LUNGevity offers various support services such as Clinical Trial Ambassadors, a peer-to-peer trial buddy matching service that pairs lung cancer clinical trial participants with someone who is considering participation, to provide encouragement and offer experimental insights.

Clinical Trial Finder

A Clinical Trial Finder helps patients or their families find available clinical trials by type of lung cancer and geographic location.

Dangerous Terrain with Rays of Hope

The second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world; over 1.8 million new cases are diagnosed annually. Surprisingly, nearly 65% of all new diagnoses are nonsmokers. Thanks to advances in researcher, many lung cancer patients are living longer and better lives. But unfortunately, the disease often goes undetected till later stages, making it more challenging to treat and hence, dangerous.

Hence the LUNGevity campaigns to raise awareness to improve outcomes from lung cancer patients through a better understanding of diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life, as well through driving research and policy reforms.


TrialSite News now has thousands of readers per day, and we are accumulating enough experiences and data to make some observations. Firstly many hundreds of patients read our news and insights and directly contact us for help. They are in desperate situations in many cases, with nowhere really to turn. We have found that even though we are working to raise clinical trial awareness, not to mention offering contacts and transparency to facilitate patient to site (whether it be health system, research center or commercial site) engagement, we are finding that in many cases, they (patients or their loved ones) cannot even get a returned phone call or email from the health care organization. The situation can seem overwhelmingly hopeless for some. So we have taken the time to primarily serve as a clinical trial finder and an ambassador or “navigator” on behalf of patients that contact us when they request such a service. But we need infrastructure for this type and level of service that scales across the nation and beyond.

 We applaud the work of groups such as LUNGevity, which serve an incredibly valuable function for patient ecosystems. Whether it be lung cancer or any other disease, the clinical research as a care option must grow and flourish, and the accompanying patient support infrastructure must be in place.

The sheer volume of patient outreach to TrialSite News in just our first year and a half-surprised, we gave how many patient organizations, clinical trial websites, and other support and information services are, in fact, available. We think we have a clue as to why that this is the case. And of course, we will continue to work diligently to cover critical news and information in pursuing the mission of helping to make clinical research more transparent and accessible for those that are in need as well as for professionals that have an interest in research. The hope is that at some point in the distant future, a newfound awareness of clinical research will be pervasive across society.