Qatar Ministry of Health Launches Clinical Research Portal

Clinical Research

Qatar’s Ministry of Health is open for health and biomedical research in the gulf nation.  It recently launched its Health Research Governance platform serving to facilitate interaction between the Ministry of Public Health and all institutions and research facilities in Qatar and abroad.

It evidences Qatar’s dedication and commitment to biomedical research—both internally and with regional and international collaborative endeavors.

A Central Electronic Hub into Qatar Biomedical Research

This portal includes several services to support researchers conduct of business in this nation.  For example, the portal services include registration and assurance of institutional ethical committees (ECs) for human (IRB), animal (IACUC) and bio-safety (IBC) research.

Other portal services touch on registration and administrative support services for conducting research in Qatar. Other services’ access include local seminars, conferences and training workshops to help empower investigators conducting research.

The portal can be accessed at the following website: represents “a key database for the follow-up and documentation of all official work related to health research that will contribute to the realization of future knowledge aspirations and expansion in the size of the research sector in Qatar,” reported the Ministry of Public Health for Qatar reported the Gulf Times.

Qatar National Vision 2030

The Health Research Governance Department at the Qatar Ministry of Public Health is working to ensure that the needs of the current and future generations are met, based on the principles established in the Qatar National Vision 2030 for sustainable development, which TrialSite News notes is similar to a Saudi Arabia program for its nation.

Healthcare and Research in Qatar

The Health Research Governance Department at the ministry is tasked with organizing, monitoring and regulating health research in Qatar. It develops the policies, ethics and guidelines and regulations for health research projects such as clinical trials, biomedical research, sports, genetic, personalized medicine and biological specimen research not to mention animal and laboratory research.

Recent Governing Announcements

The Qatar government recently announced the formation of the Health Research Governance Department to help develop policies and frameworks that define the national strategic direction for health research (human-animal-laboratory), as well as support research activities for researchers/investigators and associated infrastructure in Qatar.  The goal being to overall improve healthcare, research and therapeutics in Qatar.

An Ongoing Refinement

Based on TrialSite News interpretation of recent announcements, we believe this effort within Qatar is an unfolding one. The development of and streamlining of policies and requirements relating to the conduct and monitoring of research carried out on humans, tissues, stem cells and molecular genetics projects not to mention the development of a database to collect and analyze research activities and samples domestically and internationally.  Hence, there may be opportunities for positive influence to ensure state-of-the-art, best-practices are adopted.

The Clinical Research Portal

We did a brief review of the Qatar health and clinical research website.   For a list of committees, for example see the following link.  The website is a nice initial attempt by the government of Qatar to bring some transparency to their clinical research rules, processes and regulations.

Regulatory and Oversight of Pharma

Qatar’s Pharmacy & Drug Control Department oversees policy and regulatory authority over pharmaceuticals.  They are led by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hussein.


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