Purdue University Fast-Tracks COVID-19-based Therapeutic Solutions & Opens Up Industry Discussions

Purdue University Fast-Tracks COVID-19-based Therapeutic Solutions & Opens Up Industry Discussions TrialsiteN

Waves of entrepreneurial forces emanate from an otherwise quiet part of northwestern Indiana thanks to the dynamic enterprise called Purdue University. TrialSite News has emphasized “Boilermaker” global influence and with the advent of COVID-19, their scientific and entrepreneurial fervor manifest in a wave of potential intellectual property deals driven by the Purdue Research Foundation and the Office of Technology Commercialization. The Indiana-based university has responded to the pandemic with a flurry of potential solutions to diagnose and treat COVID-19.

Some Target of interesting emanating out of Purdue include a range of potentially commercially viable products including:

  • Paper-based microfluidic, rapid-detection systems that are cheap and portable solutions to diagnose COVID-19 in the field
  • Drugs and vaccine options for treating and preventing coronavirus infections
  • Environmental and surface decontamination technologies to sterilize surfaces, water and air

Leveraging Multi-Disciplinary Depth & Excellence

Purdue reports that innovators there are drawing on their strengths in areas such as environmental engineering, health sciences and chemistry in a bid to create solutions to help diagnose and treat people with those infected with the novel strain of coronavirus. Thomas Sors, assistant director of the Purdue Institute of Inflammation and Immunology and Infectious Disease—leading the university’s COVID-19 taskforce—reports, “I think it is important to note that Purdue investigators are not only thinking about today during this pandemic, but we are pragmatically providing long-term solutions for tomorrow so that we are better prepared for these types of challenges in the future.”

Seeking Industry Partners & Financiers

The formula for success is known—a dynamic research hub such as Purdue generates a lot of great ideas and develops them into concepts and even prototypes that then need commercial partnerships to drive the product through clinical trials, regulatory and on to manufacturing and commercialization—all in response to actual need in the world. For example, an economical COVID-19 diagnostic tool or cheap and easy way to decontaminate spaces moving forward represent big potential value in the world of COVID-19. Afterall this pathogen will not go away.

Hence the university seeks commercial partners to help commercialize important and useful potential medical therapies and products. Brooke Beier, vice president of Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), reports in the university’s online news that “We are intensely seeking industry partners to help us accomplish this mission.”

Lead Contact

Brooke Beier, vice president of OTC

Call to Action: Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostic and other medical product companies should consider reviewing Purdue’s COVID-19 targeted R&D output via the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC).