Private Equity-Owned New Jersey Urology Appoints New Senior Vice President of Clinical Research

Urology Doctor

Urology Management Associates (UMA) has appointed Derek Grimes Senior Vice President of Clinical Research at New Jersey Urology (NJU).

Mr. Grimes will helm the NJU’s clinical research organization (CRO) and oversee operational site functions, profit, and loss, as well as clinical management and recruitment. Responsible for managing client relationships with commercial sponsors, (biotech, pharma and medical device), this move represents investments to grow clinical research activities to support patient access to new treatment options for urologic diseases—including prostate, bladder and kidney cancer.

NJU also seeks ways to help their physicians discover novel detection and diagnostic methods ultimately to reduce the risk of urologic disease.  NJU’s CRO seeks to offer patients the most comprehensive approach to urology with the best possible access to care.

Mr. Grimes spent 12 years with TKL Research in New Jersey, serving as the Vice President of Clinical Operations, where he oversaw the Research Clinics Division.  He also spent 8 years with Columbia and New York Universities, managing clinical trials for these prominent academic medical centers.

Who is New Jersey Urology, LLC

They report themselves to be the largest urology practice in the country.  As a result, they can offer patients access to all urological treatments close to patients’ homes.  They serve the state of New Jersey with more than 105 providers, 40 convenient locations and four state-of-the-art cancer treatment centers.  They utilize the latest technology and techniques to offer advanced urologic care tailored to patient needs.

Private Equity-Driven Formation

New Jersey Urology (NJU), the leading urology service provider in New Jersey, and J.W. Childs Associates, a leading middle-market private equity firm, formed Urology Management Associates (UMA) as the administrative services provider to NJU. The establishment of UMA enables NJU to continue to focus on providing world-class urology services while remaining a physician-led organization. UMA plans to partner with additional urology groups to provide administrative practice management services initially in the greater New York City metropolitan area with ambitious national longer term plan.

NJU recently merged with Delaware Valley Urology (DVU) to become the leading provider of urology services in New Jersey and the largest single specialty urology group in the U.S.  NJU provides complete urologic care and comprehensive individualized treatment for its patients, including men’s health, woman’s health and cancer care.