Preventative COVID-19 Treatments Full Steam Ahead: North Carolina Sets up Phase 3 Trial for Molnupiravir

Preventive COVID-19 Treatments Full Steam Ahead: North Carolina Sets up Phase 3 Trial for Molnupiravir

In Hampton Roads, North Carolina, a phase three clinical trial is being set up at TPMG Williamsburg to help people who are unvaccinated from getting COVID-19. The study will include Molnupiravir, taken twice a day for five days. Participants will also be compensated.

Medical Director Comments

"This is a medicine that's designed to fight the virus so you don't get symptoms or you don't develop COVID. It's more of a preventative treatment," said Dr. Vijay Subramaniam, the medical director for clinical research at TPMG Williamsburg.

"The concern is by the time people test positive they've already spread the virus to their household members, so the purpose of this is to prevent the virus from actually taking hold in the household members," said Subramaniam.

He adds, "There are treatments for numerous other viruses to help prevent symptoms or progression, so it's a similar approach they're using."

About Molnupiravir

TrialSite reported on this drug’s unique journey to development. We shared that the drug manufacturer, Merck, made “the decision to discontinue development of MK-7110 for COVID-19. The company will focus its pandemic efforts on advancing molnupiravir and o...

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