President of Dominican Republic’s Largest Private Health Group Discusses the Success of Ivermectin as a Treatment for Early Stage COVID-19

President of Dominican Republic’s Largest Private Health Group Discusses the Success of Ivermectin as a Treatment for Early Stage COVID-19

The Rescue Group (Grupo Rescue) is a leading national private health network in the Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic. The Rescue Group operates three hospitals, including Punta Cana Medical Center, Bournigal Medical Center (Puerto Plata) and Canela Clinic (La Romana) as well as affiliated referral hospitals, urgent care facilities, and an in-home service in addition to 17 emergency hotel medical centers. José Natalio Redondo, the group’s president, is renowned in Latin America for the incredible success of his Ivermectin protocol used at the Rescue Group hospitals. Dr. Redondo took the time to speak with TrialSite News about the success of the Ivermectin treatment: they have treated 1,300 early stage COVID-19 patients and have observed dramatic results.

Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo runs an organization that has grown to three hospitals and a collection of affiliated practices and clinics. With about 1,000 employees, they are perhaps the largest private health network in the Dominican Republic. This beautiful island nation of about 10.6 million is known more for stunning tropical resorts, fine rum and cigars not to mention dynamic and innovative health care solutions, but under Dr. Redondo’s leadership, they have found a striking discovery: that the anti-parasite medication Ivermectin, with over a trillion doses given a year for fighting off parasites in primarily tropical, developing nations, actually works. In fact, Dr. Redondo reported to TrialSite News the following data based on treating 1,300 COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin:

·         99% of them have been cured

·         The average duration of the full infection went from 21 days to 10 days

·         The drug starts inhibiting the virus within a couple days in humans

·         The only side effects have been mild heart burn and diarrhea

What follows is the interview. TrialSite News has been investigating off label use of this approved and safe anti-parasitic medicine all over the world. Interviews have occurred in the United States, (Broward County), Bangladesh, India, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, France and now the Dominican Republic. Enough data exists for the health authorities in the United States to start a serious inquiry. Too many lives have been lost and with a focus on expensive investigational medicine for those severely to critical ill; and while important, it is just as important to systematically and methodically treat early stage cases to reduce the numbers of severe to critical cases.

How did you learn about Ivermectin & How did it become a treatment in Dominican Republic?

Of course we know of Ivermectin for anti-parasite medicine but we first learned about the Monash University lab experiment and then a network formed in Latin America to begin studying how it could be used to help people who fell ill to SARS-CoV-2—e.g. COVID-19.

Has the national health authorities approved of Ivermectin?

No. They are following WHO and other funders’ guidance.

How have you been able to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin?

The hospitals have approved our protocol for use of an approved human anti-parasitic drug off label for the novel coronavirus.

Dominican Republic has over 32,000 cases of COVID-19 and 747 reported deaths. How come the authorities are not following Rescue Group’s lead?

A confluence of factors and forces, including the fact that A) they follow WHO, U.SA and other guidance (based on funding); and B) government health moves much slower than the private sector. We have more flexibility.

What is the treatment amounts?

Well we started with what is in the standard anti-parasite protocol of 100 to 200 micrograms per kilogram and have progressed that to 400 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight. We also include it with Azithromycin.

How many patients have you treated and what has been the success rate?

Of the 1,300 patients we have treated (early state cases), over 99% have been cured within 8 to 10 days. It has been frankly amazing. It’s truly feels like a gift from above.

Have there been any adverse events/side effects?

Yes, but a very minimal number reported and it comes down to heart burn and mild diarrhea. But again, it is a small number of cases.

Tell us more about this Ivermectin physician network.

Yes there is a network of doctors/health professionals sharing protocols, collaborating and focused on catching the disease (COVID-19) early and working furiously and tirelessly to reduce the health, economic and social consequences of this pandemic. This network includes doctors in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and more.

Have doctors from the United States contacted you? If so, what is your sense as to how many doctors in America are using Ivermectin for COVID-19 patients?

Yes. Several doctors have contacted me and I have been in touch with the doctor in Broward County TSN interviewed. I don’t know how many doctors in America have embraced Ivermectin but it is a lot and that number is growing every day. It is kept sort of a secret in the United States.

On that note, why do you think that is?

Well, economics. The big drug companies cannot really profit off of a generic drug that is in use worldwide for treating parasites. Moreover, the priorities are wrong. A key along with a vaccine is to work to treat the disease early: stop it from progressing to a more severe state. It is a horrific death from COVID-19. We don’t really understand this disease fully yet. But we do know we lose our family members, and the death rate once the disease progresses to the severe to critical state is very high.

What is your main treatment philosophy?

First, we must do everything within our power to address this disease earlier in the process. That is why the development of anti-viral medications targeting COVID-19 are so important. Ivermectin happens to have an incredible inhibiting effect on COVID-19 and we were pragmatic. Dominican Republic is blessed with beauty everywhere, incredible people and a great potential for business but it is still a relatively poor country. We don’t have the time to wait. We must treat as many people as possible and reduce the number of severe to critical cases.

Second, a vaccine must be developed.

What is the benefit of treating people earlier with Ivermectin?

The results speak for themselves. Going from 21 days down to 10 days for average disease duration is incredible. Remember the remdesivir numbers (14 to 11 days) is hospitalization/severe cases. If you compare the results of Ivermectin and  Remdesivir, well the latter really isn’t to treat a majority of the people who have a mild cases. After all, for Remdesivir it is for more progressed cases, involves an intravenous administration, etc.

Then lets talk about the health, economic and social benefit of cutting 10 days out of the sickness and reducing the amount of time a person is contagious with COVID-19. This has been a huge impact. A huge value to society. Look at what this pandemic has done to the global economy! Look at New York City—the greatest city with per capital perhaps the greatest doctors and health systems yet look at the amount of death and the impact. It is horrific; a tragedy.

Who is producing the product? And did any American drug companies contact you?

Yes, at one point Merck was in touch with us.  We work with a local Dominican pharmaceutical company called Infaca

What about those that say we must have critical trials results first before treatments?

Well it is very expensive to conduct clinical trials. In developed nations in the Caribbean, Central and South America, countries in Africa and some in Asia we must act now to stop the disease from progressing and spreading. We have an investigation we are in fact undertaking and there are other good studies in the works from Johns Hopkins University to Sheba Medical Center in Israel. But those will take some time. The network in Latin America and the Caribbean has acted on observational, off label data, and it is working. After all, over a trillion doses of Ivermectin are given annually for fighting parasites. It is an incredibly safe drug.

Are you open to expanding the network collaborating on this off label protocol to other nations where Ivermectin is approved by regulatory authorities?

Yes, of course. I got into medicine to help treat people; save lives. This is the mission. We invite doctors from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere to contact us to learn more.

About Rescue Group

The Rescue Group is a leading national private health network in the Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic. The Rescue Group operates three hospitals, including Punta Cana Medical CenterBournigal Medical Center, (Puerto Plata) and Canela Clinic (La Romana) as well as affiliated referral hospitals, urgent care facilities and an in-home service in addition to 17 emergency hotel medical centers. Hospitals within Rescue Group earn quality accreditations such as Punta Cana Medical Center, which became the first hospital in the Dominican Republic to receive international GOLD Accreditation by Qmentum International-Accreditation Canada

Lead Contact

Dr. José Natalio Redondo, President Rescue Group

Call to Action: Physicians and investigators interested in learning more can contact Dr. Redondo directly at his email address: [email protected].


  1. I received a nice reply from Dr. Redondo today. I sent him the first 5 or 6 pages of my document, and the Table of Contents, He replied thanks for the extended note that helps a lot to understand what is going on in the USA and the different approach we have been taking in mostly countries of Latam….

    Dr. Redondo M.D,
    President, Board of Director of Grupo Rescue
    Dominican Republic

    I got some very useful information from Dr. Redondo today in response to my questions.

    1. Dr. Redondo, stated they give one dose of Ivermectin given by their staff at the E.R. department under close medical supervision., That dose is 400 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

    2. There is a new criteria not mentioned in the TrialSite article, and they now recommend a second “wash out dose” of 200 micrograms per Kilogram of body weight on the 7th day.

    3. They use 500 mg of Azithromycin daily for five days. (Note: this is like Dr. Zelenko)

    4. The give patients 100 mg supplement of Zinc Daily for a week. (Note I don’t know if that is 100 mg of elemental Zinc or 100 mg of a compound such as Zinc Sulfate where 220 mg of Zinc sulfate gives 50 mg of elemental zinc)

    5. They give them Acetaminphen 1 gram PO, each 6 hours for first two day, then at dose response (whatever that means)

    6. He wrote: “There is no doubt to us the response is highly effective, disappearing syndrome in less than 72 hour shortage, and most important, turning negative rt-PCR in less than 10 days of treatment instead of 21 days with “conventional care”

    7. He wrote:”less than 1% of patients, cared at E.R. in our hospitals, needed a 2nd or 3rd ER. admission, and less than 0.5% required hospitalization,when treatment given within 3 to 4 days of symptoms onset

    8. He wrote: We did not have the same effectiveness using HCQ-AZITHRO, even when we recognize that it works better than giving nothing to a very ill person, who would stay home till get worse (*!!!)

    9. He wrote: Our results should be published shortly.

    Robert Wall Additional Comments: When comparing Dr. Redondo’s Ivermectin approach with Brazil and others, it would help if we knew if Brazil or others, use the extremely high Ivermectin dose level or 400 micrograms/ Kg, because most studies I have seen use a dose of 150 to 200 micrograms/Kg. Also they use 500 mg/day of AZ for 5 days (like Zelenko does). And Dr. Redondo is using 100 mg per day of Zinc for five days. I don’t know if the 1 gram PO, of Acetaminphen each 6 hours for the first two days, then at dose response offers anything but pain reduction? I will attempt to find the answers to some of these matters.

    I think Dr. Redondo is very sincere and knows what he is doing. I believe his results, which are remarkable if true, are likely going to be true.

    And remember Dr. Breen (his actual name is Dr. Mobeen Syed MD) claims he believes the HC + AZ + Zinc has given very good results in the Covid-19 patients he has personally treated. Dr. Syed states this drugs must be given in the early stage for best results. However, in his video lecture regarding Ivermectin and Remdesivir, he stated his Ivermectin treated early stage Covid-19 patients treated with Ivemectin seemed respond more quickly and recover faster than the HCQ + AZ + Zinc treated patients. He also said he has not seen any evidence the Remdesivir has performed as expected and he would not use it

    Now I have watched a 10 to 12 of his videos on many Covid related topics, and I believe is very precise with his language and does not exaggerate. I have watched at least 4 other medical doctors review various Covid-19 studies, and I would not trust their opinions and I believe each of them have a political bias, and jump to conclusions that HC + AZ has been proven to be ineffective for the most part.

    Time will tell if I am right or wrong


  2. I am submitting this brief first two pages of my Document referenced in my first comment today on this site. My entire document is about 40 pages and it reviews many different studies that prove that HC + AZ + Ziinc is a highly reliable treatment for Covid-19, but only if it is given within 1 to 5 days after the Covid-19 patient experiences their first Covid-19 symptoms. I wrote the first draft of my article and submitted it to the Deseret News on May 4, 2020, and despite their written comment that my input was well researched and well written, the final review by the paper’s Opinion Editor. Then a few weeks later I noticed a 29 page article published by Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, who reached exactly the same conclusions of my May 4 article. So I contacted Dr. Risch and we have exchanged email for about a month, and I got his permission to allow me to quote from his 29 page article and then combine that with my 3 months of research following the successful Covid-19 treatments of Dr. Raoult, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Ban Truong, Dr. Stephen Smith, Dr. Anthony Cardillo, Dr. William Grace, and Dr. Robin Armstrong.

    Here are the first two pages of my 40 page document that I plan to send to the State of Utah Epidemiologist, Dr. Angel Dunn, and to the Utah Pharmacy Board, and the State Board of Health in all counties of Utah, and the doctors at the University of Utah that have clinical trials under way as well as many others doctors and organizations around the USA. This is a very thorough documents that advises others why they need to line up a doctor that will write them prescription promptly, or else they will have passed the very short treatment window of 1 to 6 days after their first Covid-19 symptoms. I believe these drugs should be given if at all possible no later than 4 days after the first symptoms, if at all possible because up t0 98% treatment success has been obtained. If these same drugs are given 8 to 11 days after the first symptoms, the Covid-19 patient, if elderly or with comorbidities is going to be hit very hard, and will be in severe if not critical conditions because the disease progresses rapidly, and even if the patient does not die, many have their lungs severely damaged, and others suffer blood clots, and a severe over reaction of their immune system (cytokine storm), which can severely damage their heart, live and kidneys.


    My name is Robert Wall; I am a research scientist. I care only about data and nothing about politics. Never before in the history of any Pandemic has a solution to the Covid-19 Pandemic been hiding in plain sight. I believe the solution is being hidden by so called medical experts and the FDA who among other things have frightened doctors and the public by greatly exaggerating safety related warnings regarding use of two drugs Hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZ), and by overlooking persuasive evidence these two medications have been successfully used to treat thousands of Covid-19 outpatients around the world.
    It has taken the genius of Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, a Professor in the Department of Chronic Disease at the Yale School of Public Health, who recently published a well-researched and well written 29- page article that described a fundamentally sound way to end the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Harvey Risch is clearly one of the most accomplished and highly respected epidemiologists in the entire world. He is a true scientist, a master of statistics, a great technical writer, who in one 29-page blockbuster article provided our nation with a way to end this pandemic. His recommended approach will simultaneously prevent an incredible amount of human pain and suffering for Covid-19 victims and will save thousands of lives before the Pandemic is defeated.

    Everyone should read Dr. Risch’ well-researched and well written article and encourage key decision makers to get behind Dr. Risch’s plan to end the Covid-19 Pandemic as soon as possible. We may never get a Covid-19 Vaccine, and hence this country needs a reliable therapeutic treatment now, not six months or a year into the future, particularly after we have witnessed over USA 125,000 deaths, the majority of whom were members our high-risk population, consisting mostly of residents of long term care facilities, elderly persons, those with co-morbidities and minorities, including African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, Native American Indians, and Hawaiians. Dr. Risch’s plan is the best plan available. We don’t have a vaccine and we may never have a suitable vaccine if history is used as our guide.

    Dr. Harvey Risch’s 29-page article was published in the prestigious Journal of American Epidemiology on May 27, 2020. This scholarly article is entitled: “Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis.” The anti-viral Covid-19 treatment proposed by Dr. Harvey Risch in this new article is the combination of HCQ + AZ, or alternately HCQ + Doxycycline preferably using a Zinc supplement. The link to download Dr. Risch’s entire 29- page article is given below: Click on this link, and then read the next sentence below.
    When you reach the above link, then scroll down until you see a red box and “PDF”; then click on PDF and you will receive his entire 29- page article.

    Dr. Risch, wrote on page 18 of his article: “For Covid-19, inpatient acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is typically a florid immune-system overreaction, whereas initial outpatient illness is a viral multiplication problem involving the beginnings of immune response. These are different diseases.” (He wrote elsewhere in the article: the treatments differ.)

    In my opinion, the above sentence is perhaps the most important sentence in Dr. Risch’s scholarly 29-page scientific article. The first and second time I read this sentence; the full meaning of this sentence escaped me. It was only after Dr. Risch, who is a truly great epidemiologist, explained this to me, that I more fully understand what he meant. If one does not understand the full meaning of this sentence, it is likely that same person, will not understand why these anti-viral medications are not effective, after the immune system response increases in the early pulmonary phase and continues into the late pulmonary phase. During the two latter phases, the risk is not the viral load, but the immune system overreaction causing inflammation build-up in the lungs and possible blood clots (Thrombophilia). During “Late Pulmonary Phase”, there is progressive hypoxia, blood clots and the feared “cytokine storm”. This is where immune system response is so severe, it damages major body organs, included the patient’s heart, liver and kidneys.

  3. Muchas felicidades por el éxito obtenido y gracias por tu dedicacion y empeño en salvar vidas. Excelente trabajo!!!! que orgullo para nosotros los dominicanos.

    1. You are right about big Pharma, and also big money interest in the US. The US government has millions of doses of the worthless drug, hydroxychloriquine, and now they have bought out most of the world supply of Rendesivir, which is almost worthless. The whole thing is corrupt just like Trump. We will never be rid of this virus until we are rid of him. Please keep going with the ivermectin. I have read every research paper in the world on this drug, and in simple laymans terms, it appears that it prevents the virus from disquising itself from the Tcells, which would normally attack and kill the virus before it can replicate itself. Keep up the righteous work on this.

  4. Well, there you have it. His results are similar to many other doctors in many other countries. Merck has been in contact. Big a Pharma knows and is trying to bury this effective, safe, available and inexpensive treatment for Covid 19., just as Trial Site has thought. Humanity will judge these executives and their political enablers harshly eventually. All this wonderful work TrialSite has compiled must get to the main stream media some how so that word can be spread. It is heartening to know some Doctors are embracing it in NA. Very few I would guess, I know my doc would not try it, even if I was on my death bed, because of WHO and the FDA. Keep pushing TrialSite. Dr. Redondo is right, we do not have time nor need these full blown studies for a safe approved FDA drug. The observational studies such as Broward should be enough for wide spread controlled use, at least initially in hospital settings.. The insistence on these Trials is Big Pharma trying to slow down and control the message. Call out John Hopkins and Kentucky Trial Site. They have not even started their trials after announcing over 2 months for a disease that kills in 14 days. Their Trials should be completed by now. How long does it take to give 100 patients 2 doses of Ivermectin over a 14 day period and determine mortality rates and test for virus clearance in the body and compare to 100 patients without Ivermectin. This is just shameful. Keep up the good work TrialSite.

  5. Anyone have ideas on how to get a primary care Dr. to prescribe ivermectin and doxycycline, if one were to contract early stage Covid symptoms, most likely, using telemedicine, since they probably direct patients to hospital emergency rooms? I’d like to know, in case a family member gets this disease.

    1. Human drugs 12mg-15mg ivermectin just once 1 day only
      ( =/ if necessary animal drugs be sure its pure ivermectin tablet 12mg should do)


      For 5 day drink azitromicyn 500mg 1x daily
      For 5 days Doxycycline 100mg 1×2 (12hours)

      Zinc 20mg daily 7 days
      Vitamin 7 days

      Not for small kid and prenant woman
      Beware for asthma, stomach problem and low blood pressure

      1-3 days just feel uneasy.. Will be fine after…

    2. You can always go online(Amazon) and purchase the horse paste which is the very same drug used in humans….adjust by weight. That is a work around that does not require a prescription…

    3. I am a research scientist, and am writing a very detailed paper on how to treat Covid-19, using Hydroxychlorquine + Azithromycin + Zinc. I can email it to you when it is done, which hopefully will be the end of this week. I am doing this to try and get local doctors to get behind this approach and treat outpatients, early. Since you cannot get Hydroxychlorquine in Utah without a positive Covid-19 test, I looked for a backup where I could get the drugs now, and I am hoping it is Ivermectin + Azithromycin + Zinc. I did get some Ivermectin this way. To get a legitmate Ivermectin prescription do this.

      Try contacting , an online doctor, it will cost $35 for one online talk with a doctor. You put on your application form to the doctor a paragraph of information, tell the doctor that Ivermectin has been proven to treat Covid-19, along with z-Pack (azithromycin, 6 pills of 250 mg each, to be taken twice the first day, and once every day until gone, but these drugs must be taken just a few days after the first Covid-19 symptom (no longer than 4 days after your first Covid-19), There is no time to order Ivermectin, after you get the first symptoms. And if you don’t get the drugs now, you will suffer almost unbearable pain, and will likely be intubated and perhaps even die if you get Covid-19. Send them this table and a link to the Dominican Republic article that tells about the 1300 patient study

      Tell the online doctor that a dose rate of 400 microgram/kilogram of your body weight for Ivermectin, which is the dose used by the largest private hospital in the Domincan Republic, you will need 3 days of supply. (You will probably only take two days of the number of pills given below.) If the doctor balks at 3 days, then order a two day supply of Ivermectin plus a standard Z-pack for the Azithromycin.

      If you then go to, you can get a certificate that will give you discounts for Azithromycin and Ivermectin based on what Pharmacy you have an account. You would set the number of pills at 24 (instead of the default number of 8) assuming your doctor ordered 24 Ivermectin pills.

      This table will tell you how many 3 mg pills per day, you need, depending on your body weight. I would get the doctor to order you enough for a 3 day treatment and you will probably only need a two day treatment. The 1300 patient study in the Dominican Republic did not say how many days of treatment they gave the 1300 Covid-19 patients. See if you can find that information. But if you order a 3 day supply you can always follow the studies and only take a two day supply of Ivermectin if that is enough. So if you weigh 130 pounds, you would take eight 3mg pills of Ivermectin, for Day 1, and another 8 pills for Day 2, and the same for day 3. if you want to take a dose of 400 micrograms of Ivemectin per Kilogram of your body weight. For a 3 day treatment your online doctor will send a prescription to your pharmacy where you have an account, like Walgreens or whatever. For Azithromycin, order one standard Z-Pack (6 pills of azithromycin, 250 mg each, take two pills on day 1, and one each for four more days.
      You should start taking 2,000 mg per day of Vitamin C, 5,000 IU of Vitamin D, and 30 mg of Zinc each day and if you do get Covid-19 you should get a less severe form of the disease. And if possible get 15 to 20 minutes of sun daily. Note my table lost its format.

      For a body weight of 150 pounds (68.2 Kg) the mg/day of Ivermectin is 27.3 mg, so for a 3 day supply of 3mg Ivermectin pill, your doctor would order 24 pills (3 x 8) = 24, for a 400 microgram/per Kg of your body weight dose. For 175 lbs (80.0 Kg) of body weight, the mg/day is 32, and our doctor would order 11 pills per day of 3mg Ivermectin. Note some studies use only one day of Ivermectin treatment at this dose level, so you need to determine from Dr. Redondo on the email address given in the link to the article, how many days of treatment is required for the 400 microgram/kg dose, it may be only one day, or it could be two days. His email address is: [email protected]

  6. Bravo!!! De un realismo total, ahi vemos Medicos dedicados a salvar vidas y no a hacer negocio…,
    Con este tratamiento, los riesgos son conocidos de largos años de utilizacion del medicamento, y las ventajas de combatir el COVID19 excelente!!! Sin olvidar que es un medicamento accesible economicamente a todo el mundo????????????????Dr José Natalio Redondo felicito la iniciativa de RESCUE GROUP De compartir sus experiencias y resultados de pacientes con COVID 19????