PPD’S SiteCoach Wins an Award, but Importantly Establishes a Precedent for Leadership in Empowering New Sites

PPD’S SiteCoach Wins an Award, but Importantly Establishes a Precedent for Leadership in Empowering New Sites

PPD, a large CRO, announced recently that its SiteCoach training program for new clinical trial investigators was named by PM360, as one of 2019’s most innovative services in the life sciences industry. PM360, a leading magazine for marketing decision-makers in the life science space—offers the recognition of its 8th Annual Innovations Issue.

What is SiteCoach?

SiteCoach is an easy-to-use program for health practices interested in participating in clinical research to offer their patients new treatment opportunities. By offering advanced training, coaching, and support, PPD intends to increase the number of high-quality research sites participating in clinical research and encourage repeat participation, while at the same time broadening the pool of patients potentially eligible for clinical trials.

Why is this Important?

There have been great shortages of investigators to start. In fact, in the United States, only about 3-4% of all physicians also serve as principal investigators. Moreover, the industry has its “one and done” problem highlighted by TrialSite News—where most of the physicians that serve as principal investigators eventually do a study, only do it one time, and then cease any research activities. This lack of qualified principal investigator causes a ripple effect in that it creates barriers to patient participation in clinical research. Why? Well, because most patients will consider a clinical trial if their physician understands the benefits of a particular trial.

What does SiteCoach Include in the program?

SiteCoach includes a suite of tools and comprehensive training at each clinical stage of the clinical trial process. Training, for example, can be delivered virtually, face-to-face, or combined as needed by the prospective investigator. Some of the program features include a user-friendly online interface, a learner community portal inclusive of resources and tools, learner forum, and mobile gaming designed to bolster learner retention. Moreover, PPD offers tailored packaged options for long-term trainees, including self-study options with interactive scenarios.

What Types of Organizations are Already Consuming SiteCoach?

Presently, non-profit organizations in rural areas are seeking to enable physician practices to participate in clinical research—not to mention offering their communities clinical research as a care option. Several universities are now adopting SiteCoach. These academic medical centers seek to increase student and faculty capabilities and success in research centering on clinical trials.

Lead Contact for SiteCoach

Rhonda Henry, Vice President of Site Collaboration and Patient Centricity

Call to Action: We recommend organizations that are seeking to explore clinical trial participation to consider this service. TrialSite News can’t verify the cost and the full extent of the program, but we can remind readers there are other interesting site accreditation options, and we commend PPD for thinking ahead and taking the proactive steps to help educate and counsel academic centers and nonprofits to become clinical trial savvy. It will benefit all. It is a proactive investment such as this that in the aggregate, when all vendors in the market start similar competitive efforts, it can have a huge impact in a positive way. Sign up here to learn more.