Platinum Research Network Accelerates Enrollment & Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sep 20, 2020 | COVID-19, Leading Sites, News, Site Success, Site Watch, Trial Sites, Vaccine

Platinum Research Network Accelerates Enrollment & Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Platinum Research Network, established prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, like many other research networks, has initiated over 30 clinical research sites to vaccine trials and enrolled over 6,000+ patients. They report in a recent press release that industry is moving significantly faster than usual due to COVID-19. Now the site network prepares to enroll pediatric and elderly adults for the next round of vaccine study.

Platinum Research Network has grown 60% since COVID-19 onset. While enrolling over 6,000 patients during the pandemic, they group prepares for the next round of patient enrollment. The Platinum Research Network physicians make all of this possible. At the forefront of research examples, are Dr. Robert Jeanfreau, previously profiled by TrialSite. Previously a medical officer in the Army National Guard, TrialSite reported that the principal investigator supported local COVID-19 test training in the New Orleans area.

Platinum Research Network Metrics

According to business development professional Jason Roth, by September 17th the Platinum Research Network has not only initiated over 30 trial site locations for vaccine trials but also has recruited and enrolled over 7,000 patients. They forecast this figure to grow by over 1,000 volunteers per week.

Who is the Platinum Research Network?

Platinum Research Network was formed back in 2014 as a way to consolidate sites and patients to help serve industry sponsor needs and requirements. Their network includes a common requisite that “highly-experienced Clinical Research Companies” come together, sharing “a common goal of delivering high quality data and predictable enrollment for clinical trials.”

Members include Medpharmics, Meridian Clinical ResearchRegional Clinical Research, Sterling Research, Sundance Clinical Research, Tekton Research, and Ventavia Research Group.

About Platinum Research Network

PRN is a vaccine-specialized Investigator network providing access to a geographic spread of highly-experienced clinical research teams in the United States. To date, PRN investigators have initiated over 500 vaccine projects at their sites, enrolling over 35,000 patients at a rate of 110% per our contact goals. They truly excel at delivering high quality data and predictable enrollment for vaccine studies.

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