Pennsylvania Department of Health Launches Medical Marijuana Program: Clinical Centers Nexus

Medical Marijuana

The Pennsylvania Department of Health approved three companies to grow medical marijuana for research with the states’ medical schools of Drexel, Thomas Jefferson and Penn State.  The research program evolves two years into Pennsylvania’s medical-marijuana program which has 1,150 of the state’s 51,000 physicians approved to administer cannabis to 106,000 residents currently registered to use the substance to treat medical conditions.

The first three clinical registrants are:

Now, the PDH will bring together all eight academic clinical research centers and the three clinical registrants to discuss what research they will be conducting, and how they hope those outcomes will help patients.

Pennsylvania Act 43 of 2018 (Medical Marijuana Act) allows eight clinical registrants who must hold both a grower/processor and a dispensary permit. Clinical registrants must have a research contract with one of eight approved academic clinical research centers.

Under this research program, the health systems (e.g. academic research centers) will develop research studies for the cannabis companies.  The academic centers themselves may not work with the plant or its products as they are still outlawed by federal law.


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