Penn State Secures $1.85m to Pursue Important Preclinical Research Examining How Dysfunctional Brain Hubs Connect to Mental Disorders

Penn State Secures $1.85m to Pursue Important Preclinical Research Examining How Dysfunctional Brain Hubs Connected to Mental Disorders

That 45 million Americans struggle with mental health issues is of crisis proportion is not an understatement. The human and economic is staggering: new and improved treatments are required. Hence the TrialSite is pleased to announce that Penn State researchers received a $1.85 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a new way to test if dysfunctions in certain areas of the brain indicate potential mental health complications and brain disorders. This research could potentially lead to better mental health treatments, which can hopefully turn around the mental health crisis in America. The research will be led by Zanyin Zhang, Huck Professor of Brain Imaging and Yingwei Mao, associate professor of biology.

Research Background

As recently published by Penn State University News, the brain is a highly interconnected system, a network with hub regions that maintain normal brain function and enable complex behavior. A growing number of mental health experts suggest that modified or impacted brain network properties could cause mental illness.

The Hypothesis

As articulated by Professor Zhang, “Dysfunction of hub regions has been hypot...

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