Penn Medicine Receives $12M Grant to Study New Treatments at the Intersection of Radiotherapy & Immunotherapy

Jul 20, 2019 | Immunotherapy, Penn Medicine, Radiotherapy

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Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center received a $12 million grant by the Mark Foundation for Cancer Research to establish a new type of cancer research center. Based in Philadelphia, the center will support investigators focusing on the “complementary potential of radiotherapy and immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer.”

Who Will Lead the Center?

Dr. Andy J. Minn, associated professor of radiation oncology at the Perelman School of Medicine

The Program: Preclinical Research Pursuits 

The team, under Minn, will be five separate preclinical trials. They will include topics such as whether interferon and pattern recognition receptor signaling can play a potential role in cancer treatment to a new form of radiotherapy called FLASH radiation, which according to Bailey King of the Philly Voice, is a way to deliver radiation treatments in a new and rapid way. Apparently, this approach could not only be faster but incur fewer side effects.


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