Peking Union Medical College Hospital Initiates Professionalized Nursing Union

Xinhuanet reports the Peking Union Medical Hospital has an initiative to stimulate nine Chinese hospitals to initiate a nursing union to nurture and cultivate more professionalized clinical nurses amid China’s efforts to ease the shortage of professionals and quality nursing resourcing. The union will focus on training by sharing member hospital’s education resources, formulate standards on nurse cultivation nationwide, and play a model role in the field according to Wu Xinjuan, director of the board of leading members of the Chinese Nursing Association.

In China, the number of registered nurses in China exceeded 4 million at the end of 2018 equaling 3 nurses per 1,000 according to China’s National Health Commission. Authorities are reacting to a severe shortage of nurses (and other medical professionals) based on the gap of actual demand for nursing services versus actual numbers of nurses.

The nurse shortage reflects a broader need in China for the need for a systematic and pervasive health and clinical educational training and development nationwide.  In the clinical research area, TrialSite News has written about initiatives such as the PAREXEL and Lilly China clinical research site training initiative.  We also discussed the expansion of accreditation options in China as there is growing interest there with the ACRES Site Accreditation Standard Institute  initiative. Moreover, clinical research associate certification programs such as ACRP China continue to grow. Market forces will continue to afford training, educational development and accreditation opportunities in broader healthcare as well as within clinical research in China.