Peking Union Medical College Completes Cervical Cancer Retrospective Study

cervical cancer

MDLinx reported Researchers reviewed the medical record data of 60 cervical cancer patients aged ≤25 years treated at Peking Union Medical College Hospital between January 1986 and December 2017 to investigate the clinicopathological features, treatment, and prognoses of these women. Forty-four (73.3%) were diagnosed with cervical carcinoma and 16 (26.7%) with cervical sarcoma among the 60 patients. Cervical cancer in the majority of young women was adenocarcinoma or sarcoma of the cervix. Stage and lymph node metastasis were noted to be the independent risk factors for poor prognosis in young patients with cervical carcinoma. Compared to older patients, their overall prognoses are not worse. They noted wide variation in survival rates according to histologic subtypes. The estimated 5-year overall survival rate of the entire cohort was 79.8%; no statistically significant difference was seen between the carcinoma and sarcoma groups.