Patient-Centered Trials: FaceBook and Twitter May Disrupt Clinical Trials

Heidi Ledford reports in Nature how Facebook and Twitter could be the next disruptive force in clinical trials. Participants in medical research are more empowered than ever to influence the design and outcomes of clinical trials. Ms. Ledford’s write on a theme TrialSite News covers often—the emergence of patient centric trials.  She asked the question: can researchers keep up? Increasingly patients, their families and advocacy groups utilize FaceBook medical and clinical groups in addition to Twitter to learn, communicate and engage in the quest to find cures.  Research sponsors increasingly seek input from patients via these social networks to help frame, shape and mold research trials. Ms. Ledford reports that this represents a major shift in clinical research—as TrialSite News views the move from “site-centric” to “patient-centric” research.  She notes that a 2016 survey found that “three out of every four major pharmaceutical companies had used a patient-advisory board to gather feedback on clinical-trial designs.” She provides a link to a recent BMJ publication focusing on public participation in shaping research—see the link:

For more of this fascinating story follow the link below to Ms. Ledford’s article.