Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate up, Thanks to Clinical Research and the Hard Work of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate up, Thanks to Clinical Research and the Hard Work of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Stu Rickerson was close to the end 15 years ago. With a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, he said goodbye to his family as he got rolled into surgery at Scripps La Jolla for them surgeons to take out as much of pancreatic cancer as they could. Like a tidal wave, pancreatic cancer changes the patient’s entire life—their existence. Since then, the pancreatic survival rate has doubled thanks to the work of The San Diego Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) and researchers and sponsors targeting pancreatic cancer. Listen to Stu’s story of hope.


Since 2011, the survival rate of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has doubled to 10%, and as this month is National Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Month, there is cause for hope. About five years ago, PanCan sought to double the survival rate, and they achieved that goal. Now the goal is to double the survival rate again to 20%. Follow the link to watch News 8 in San Diego, California, as they speak with Stu Rickerson, a pancreatic cancer survivor, as he discusses the importance of the Pancreatic Cancer Network.

Clinical Trials and PanCAN

Stu couldn’t get in the clinical trials, the exclusion criteria were too rigid back then. Patients participating in clinical trials have better outcomes. PanCan strongly recommends pancreatic patients consider clinical trials. Consider calling Patient Central as PanCan maintains a database of clinical trials and support staff.

PanCAN’s Patient Central

Patient Central is a place to contact when facing pancreatic cancer. Their highly trained and compassionate Associates provide free, personalized information about the disease, including the organization’s support services. They also work with patients to find resources for any questions a patient or their loved ones may have about pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer: A Deadly Disease

Pancreatic cancer takes 90% of its victims within five years and kills more people in America than breast cancer. This disease represents the third most deadly cancer in the United States. More than 57,600 Americans will be diagnosed this year alone. Unfortunately, 158 diagnoses occur every day.

About PanCAN

PanCAN was founded in 1999 as a dedicated organization to fight against the world’s toughest cancer. They have an urgency to save lives; hence this organization attacks the deadly disease on all fronts from research and clinical initiatives to patient services and advocacy. They develop a model that amplifies a nationwide network of grassroots support. In their determination to accelerate progress and improve patient outcomes, they seek to double yet again survival rates.

Call to Action: Contact PanCAN Patient Central for more information.