PanCAN’s Mission Reminder During Cancer Research Month: Someday a Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

PanCAN’s Mission Reminder During Cancer Research Month Someday a Cure for Pancreatic Cancer

Few may realize that May is Cancer Research Month, and that a nonprofit organization called PanCAN not only continues to fund research focusing on pancreatic cancer but also conducts directly large-scale groundbreaking research initiatives to advance research and improve patient outcomes. Individual giving represents a key way for PanCAN to continue to both fund and conduct research such—$126 million in total research since its founding. And despite the pandemic, PanCAN’s war against pancreatic cancer advances, such as their recently announced large-scale, $25 million Early Detection Initiative investigating whether imaging patients, upon new-onset diabetes diagnosis, can lead to earlier detection of pancreatic cancer. Could this lead to a potential screening mechanism?  Then there’s PanCAN’s Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial designed to advance and offer research as a care option for pancreatic cancer patients. This study is available for enrollment at 15 major trial site centers across the nation. Looking at novel treatments for those with pancreatic cancer, the study also includes supportive care. PanCAN has much more going on.

The organization recently shared a comprehensive range of activities to support the fight against pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers. Founded in 1999, the organization has certainly changed the pancreatic research landscape. Back then, only a handful of pancreatic cancer investigators center study on this condition. But with the founding of PanCAN, 187 awards have gone to scientists at 71 institutions while the organization advocates for federal research funding that has led to over a 900% increase in National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored pancreatic cancer research in addition to a dedicated pancreatic cancer research program at the U.S. Department of Defense

Call to Action: Check out PanCAN and support this organization if you can. A loved one may get diagnosed with this disease and research is the only way to find better treatments and ultimately a cure. See the link for support