Observational Study Employing Statistical Controls Indicates COVID-19 Multiple Treatment Regimen Markedly Reduces Case Fatality Rate

Observational Study Employing Statistical Controls Indicates Early Onset COVID-19 Markedly Reduces Case Fatality Rate

A group of prestigious physicians and researchers, including noted cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, studied the Central American country’s national response to COVID-19 recently, showcasing the importance of commitment to early-onset treatment along with vaccination and appropriate public health measures. Upon recognition of COVID-19, within two months, the nation of Honduras responded with a nationwide implementation of multi-drug COVID-19 inpatient and outpatient treatment protocols. The effort, as measured in this study, led to some notable observations. For example, the case fatality rate declined from 9.33% to 2.97% while Mexico, a compatible country, failed to systematically issue multi-drug treatments and thus failed to see a decline in case fatality rates.


The study team compared both Honduras' and Mexico's fourteen-day running average COVID-19 case fatality rates while the primary objective of the study was to use statistical process control to assess the likelihood that the decrease in case-fatality rate in Honduras was due to chance, using Mexico as a control country.  

Thereafter, the study team employed Shewhart control charts first during the first...

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