Novo Nordisk & e-Therapeutics Ink Research Collaboration Deal

Pharma Collab

Danish drug maker Novo Nordisk and e-Therapeutics have signed a collaboration agreement to leverage the latter’s network-driven drug discovery platform (NDD). This will be for the identification of new therapeutic approaches to treat Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for approximately 90% of the estimated 425 million people with diabetes globally.  As the conditions worsens worldwide new treatments are urgently needed. The arrangement calls for a 12 month period where the two will leverage the NDD approach to identify novel intervention strategies, biological pathways and compounds for testing that can potentially form the basis of novel therapies. What is e-Therapeutics NDD? TrialSite News includes a video for review: Click here

e-Therapeutics was formed in 2003.  Based in the UK, it has raised over $66 million. It has developed proprietary computational systems to swiftly and accurately analyze and predict how medicines interact with cells in the body in hopes of optimizing the probability of identifying drug candidates with desirable efficacy and minimal side effects.