NJ-based Federally Qualified Health Center Inks Deal with Clinical Trials Matching Service

NJ-based Federally Qualified Health Center Inks Deal with Clinical Trials Matching Service

A Hudson County, NJ-based, federally qualified health center (FQHC) has teamed up with a startup in Buffalo, NY, to match patients to clinical trials. FQHCs are hospitals and medical centers that serve traditionally underserved communities with a comprehensive range of medical services. In a bid to tap into and access a patient population that typically avoids clinical trials, Circuit Clinical inks a deal with Alliance Community Healthcare to offer sponsors access to a diverse patient population, seeking advance investigational treatments across a spectrum of therapeutic areas. Ultimately, the movement to democratize medicine, allowing at-risk patient populations to access the latest, most up to date, evidence-based medicine and advanced investigational treatments. The clinical research as a care option movement moves closer to underserved patient communities via the FQHC.

TrialSite first profiled Circuit Clinical in 2019, profiling Irfan Khan on the TrialSite News Podcast.

Embracing a data-driven paradigm, Mr. Kahn and team originally leveraged the University of Buffalo’s Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics (BIG), which happened to dovetail with a strategy led by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to establish Buffalo Niagara region as a national hub for life science research. The mission: ensure that any individual facing a particular disease or illness could find the right clinical trial.

What is the basis of this partnership?

The premise underlying this partnership centers on the pharmaceutical industry’s need for greater access to a diversified pool of patients. FQHCs are set up to care for underserved communities, hence the apparent “win-win” here of the partnership. 

Is Alliance Community Healthcare a traditional research site?

No. However, as part of this arrangement, Alliance Community Healthcare will open up a dedicated research site to be operated along with Circuit Clinical.

How many patients does Alliance Community Healthcare serve?

The New Jersey-based FQHC cares for over 19,000 patients annually.

About Alliance Community Healthcare

Back in 1963, a group of volunteers started running a Family Planning Clinic out of a Jersey City church. Initially focused on the basic needs of women and children, the services grew with immediate demand and transformed into Alliance Community Healthcare, a New Jersey-based, federally qualified health center (FQHC) serving over 19,000 patients per year, as well as accommodating 58,000 annual outpatient visits offering primary care, women’s health, family care, dental services, pediatrics and other services.

Circuit Clinical Background

Irfan Kahn founded Circuit Clinical in 2015 when he was director of the electrophysiology lab at Mercy Hospital. With an understanding that clinical trials often failed due to a lack of patient engagement, he sought to develop a more efficient and effective way to bring together patients and trials. The founder was able to raise a few million dollars and five years later, positioned this nascent venture as one of the largest Integrated Research Organizations (IRO) in America. Dedicated to transforming the way physicians and their patients find, choose and participate in clinical trials, the company delivers turnkey research services and a patient engagement platform called TrialScout: see www.trialscout.com