News Roundup | Texas Physician/Researchers Case Series Finds Reduction in COVID-19 Hospitalization

Article 1
Texas Physician/Researchers Case Series Finds Reduction in COVID-19 Hospitalization by 87.6% & Death 74.9%:

A group of Texas-based providers, including physicians, some highly published, recently published in the International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science results of a case series type of study initially involving a group of 320 COVID-19 patients deemed high risk—which is to says, over 50 years old with at least one comorbidity. The group was then able to add 549 cases more by the end of the study period, which was December of 2020. This group of physicians, who are part of a small but vocal and dedicated camp, declared that during the pandemic, the medical profession disappointed, turning into “watchful watchers” for the vast majority of COVID-19 cases—especially they claimed, those cases that fit the study patient category—desperately needing care.

Article 2
Ivermectin Proponents Celebrate South African Court Victory:
The civil rights organization AfriForum and Dr George Coetzee today achieved a further success in the South African struggle for access to the antiparasitic drug ivermectin off-label for the indication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. TrialSite has covered this unfolding legal saga with far reaching societal implications, when the settlement for the compounding of and access to ivermectin with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) was made an order of court.


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