News Roundup | South Africa Announces Controlled Compassionate Access To Ivermectin


South African Breakthrough! SAHPRA Announces Controlled Compassionate Access to Ivermectin:

In what appears to be an about face on the country’s aggressive response to the use of Ivermectin in treatment for Covid-19, which included criminal liability. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) appears to have responded to pressure and will now allow controlled compassionate use of Ivermectin as an off-label treatment for COVID-19.
The decision to allow the use of ivermectin comes in the wake of a Pretoria East doctor, George Coetzee launching an urgent application, together with two of his patients, for permission to be able to use ivermectin as a treatment.

University of the Free State South Africa Plans Ivermectin Clinical Trial:

While change is afoot with SAPHRA’s stance on Ivermectin, elsewhere in South Africa, the University of the Free State announced the preparation of a protocol as part of a clinical trial investigating the efficacy of the drug used as a anti-parasite drug throughout much of Africa. Apparently, a company named FARMOVS will manage the study. While as it turns out, this company is a wholly-owned clinical trial subsidiary of the university.

Oxford’s PRINCIPLE Trial: Bringing Ivermectin Directly into the Developed World in the Battle Against COVID-19:

The University of Oxford’s “the PRINCIPLE Trial” is considered a pathbreaking “high-quality trial” of Ivermectin, the generic drug that has (according to researchers) evidenced efficacy in over two dozen clinical trials around the world. Now, the UK government also backs this pivotal study via the Department of Health and Social Care.
Led by Co-Chief investigator Chris Butler, Professor of Primary Care, Nuffield Department of Primary Care, Health Services at Oxford, the study team is generally upbeat about the prospects.