News Roundup | Scientific Misconduct Accusation with Dr. Andrew Hill’s Ivermectin Meta-Analysis

Scientific Misconduct Associated with Ivermectin Meta Analysis:
The ivermectin situation continues in controversy as a new French civic group known as the BonSens Association makes allegations of scientific misconduct associated with the ivermectin meta-analysis authored by Dr. Andrew Hill and a group of researchers affiliated with the University of Liverpool and Unitaid. TrialSite has gained insight on this imbroglio from a series of conversations with relevant and associated parties, some that wish to remain anonymous that have shared that in fact this study was modified separate and apart from the investigator. According to some ivermectin proponents, at stake here is more than just issues of scientific integrity but importantly, the health of hundreds of millions of people and the operation of free markets, which depend on the rule of law, scientific transparency, and rational actions by government health authorities and regulatory bodies. On the other hand, the overwhelming consensus among research institutes, regulatory entities and academic medical centers not to mention international health bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) declare emphatically the need for large randomized controlled trials. Dr. Hill, a well-respected researcher and advocate for economical treatments for COVID-19, is resolute and stands behind the study.

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