News Roundup | Ivermectin, Colombian Study, and the FDA: Cautions Against Use For Covid-19

With mass media synchronization, that is recent ivermectin-based articles from both the New York Times and CNN covering negative news, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Gold Standard global food and drug regulatory body, has issued a cautionary statement targeting ivermectin.

The crux of the agency’s concern includes 1) Ivermectin is an off label treatment; 2) taking large doses of the drug can be harmful; 3) ivermectin should be used for “legitimate” source (e.g. anti-parasitic indication); and 4) animal medications should never be taken by humans. The basis for the agency’s warnings are “multiple reports” of individuals that have received either medical support for taking the drug or hospitalization after self-medication with the type needed for animals. No such data backing those reports is included, however—no warning letters, no examples from county or state health agencies or for that matter tangible reports from hospitals.

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  1. colombia study
    the patients have fooled the doctors. they all took im otherwise it is impossible to have same degree of worsening disease progression – when compared to world data. – your observation at 33 is correct – colombia very easy to get im – why should a person as outpatient risk for mere study.
    shocking conclusion – im not recommend !!!! – how can they come to such finding? they can only say what they found. how can they recommend?
    once they found that many patients took im, the study fails entirely, as there is no confidence of standard of study – the study as best is – placebo to placebo or im to im
    coi – therefore clearly this is coi report – i dont think this is study – its pharma report on bais.
    wonder how this study came in jama [probably with pharma funding] while flcccs papers are removed
    thanks to WBD videos

  2. I’d never recommend anyone take the 1.87% ivermectin paste for horses. A friend called me right before Thanksgiving to tell me that her whole family of six was infected, including her 91 year old mother-in-law because her high schooler had brought Covid home. She had begun everyone on this particular animal formulation since they weren’t able to obtain human ivermectin from their doctor. They each took a dose per their body weights once daily for 5 days in a row. Everyone was completely well within 10 days, except for mild fatigue that persisted for a total of 2 weeks. The 91 year old was “rearranging her furniture all by herself” 3 weeks later. My 52 year old friend said all of their fevers disappeared in two days time. No one developed much in the way of cough, much less pneumonia. No one dropped their oxygen saturations below 95% and no one had to go to the hospital. And though I still do not recommend people take animal ivermectin, this anecdotal story shows how safe this medicine is, if used correctly. The amount for horses or for humans is 200 mcg/kg. I’m glad they are all ok. Thanks for this week’s Roundup. Once ivermectin reached “critical mass” we all knew media, and “health” agencies would begin their attacks, didn’t we? Predictably. Inexorably. Shamefully.