News Roundup | Egypt Ivermectin-based Study Results Are In

Story 1:
Mansoura University Ivermectin-based Study Results in Superior Viral Clearance & Peer Review Status in Journal of Medical Virology:
Back in May 2020, TrialSite announced the study titled a pilot clinical trial led by Egypt’s Mansoura University, located in the middle of the Nile Delta region. A highly ranked academic medical research center within this Middle East nation, a team of investigators there led by two doctors and faculty of medicine professors, sought to test whether the combination of Nitazoxanide, Ribavirin, zinc and Ivermectin clears SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19? With results now published in the peer reviewed Journal of Medical Virology, the team has an answer.
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Story 2:
Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association: Household Doctors Should Prescribe:
On February 9th a prominent member of the medical establishment here came out in a very public manner in favor of ivermectin as a treatment for not only patients infected with COVID-19, but also their caregivers. A prominent Japanese economics and business focused publication, called The Nikkei reported the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, came out and recommended the emergency use of drugs such as Ivermectin administered to those COVID-19 patients, declaring they exhibit efficacy toward preventing disease progression in other nations. Clearly, Dr. Ozaki falls on the side of a rapidly growing group of physicians and researchers that align with significant meta-analyses involving dozens of randomized controlled trials, observational studies and case series around the world. Ozaki also calls out for Japan health authorities to use dexamethasone shown to help lower the death rate in certain more severe situations in hospitalized patients.
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  1. Join the dots Bob. If HCQ or Ivermectin or any other repurposed drug (Budesonide perhaps) were shown to have efficacy, FDA wouldn’t have been able to issue EUAs to the new breed of vaccines. It’s that simple. Sadly.

  2. Emergency FDA approval. Why was it only adopted for vaccines? I am no conspiracy theorist But this certainly takes the biscuit. How many clinical trials did it take to get the vaccines emergency approved compared to that of Ivermectin? People should have the choice.
    Emergency Use Authorization for
    Vaccines to Prevent COVID-19
    Guidance for Industry
    Document issued on February 22, 2021.