News Roundup | Dr. Tess Lawrie Discusses her Ivermectin Meta-Analysis, the FDA, and Dr. Andrew Hill

An interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie. We discuss the ongoing saga surrounding her meta-analysis on Ivermectin studies for the safety and efficacy against Covid-19. We also touch on the FDA recent announcement cautioning against the use of the drug, and Dr. Andrew Hill.

Dr. Lawrie is the director of E-BMC Ltd. and is committed to improving the quality of healthcare through rigorous research. She is a frequent member of technical teams responsible for developing international guidelines. Her peer-reviewed publications have received in excess of 3000 citations and her ResearchGate score is among the top 5% pf ResearchGate members.



  1. I feel sad for humanity, for Tess, Andrew, and Pierre, all trying desperately to make the world a healthier place and getting such fierce and ugly pushback from powerful pharmaceutical and academic interests. It’s so shameful and unconscionable, that I can hardly explain this to people in my life… most are blithely unaware of the terrible toll of our ever-increasing totalitarianism we suffer under. Thank you, Dr. Lawrie, for trying to help us all. Thank you, TSN, for reporting honestly on what has been transpiring over ivermectin and its demonization in our corrupted press.