New York Supreme Court Judge Order: Give The Patient Ivermectin As Court Battle Leads to Ivermectin for Successful Treatment Against COVID-19

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Apparently, a judge just ordered the Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital to allow an 80-year old woman to be treated with Ivermectin. According to the family and attorney, the treatment saved the life of Judith Smentkiewicz. Although not yet approved, according to court documents, the woman’s daughter referred to it as a “miracle drug,” as do her attorneys, Ralph C. Lorigo and Jon F. Minear. Apparently, a doctor ordered the drug off-label in the intensive care unit (ICU), and as she improved, more than likely due to the drug, she was moved to another unit, and the doctor there stepped in and disallowed the use of the drug. Family members immediately involved lawyers and legal action to resume treatment. The New York Supreme Court Judge Henry J. Nowak aligned with the family.

Low Chance of Survival

Although the Buffalo News journalist, Dan Herbeck, reported that the hospital officials gave their mom’s chance of survival at about 20% due to severe COVID-19 (she was on a ventilator), doctors also told the family that she more than likely would be on a ventilator in an intensive care unit for at least a month.

Enter Ivermectin

Ms. Smentkiewicz’s son told journalist Herbeck that “we did a lot of research, we read about Ivermectin…the results sounded very promising, and we decided we had to try something different.” Thereafter the son told the Buffalo News journalist, “we pressured the doctor in the ICU to give it to her. He finally agreed.”

By Jan 2, the hospital doctor approved the first dose of the anti-parasite drug, according to court papers. The result: “a complete turnaround.” Apparently, within 48 hours, she was taken off the ventilator and transferred out of the ICU, reports the Buffalo News based on a review of court documents. However, once she was transferred to a different wing of the hospital, the doctors there refused to administer the drug, and the woman’s condition quickly worsened. Her son Michael declared, “We were astounded when they refused to give her any more doses.”

Enter the Lawyers

Thereafter, the family mobilized Ralph Lorigo, followed by immediate litigation. The hospital, operated by Kaleida Health, opposed the family’s request in court. The health system’s lawyers argued medical care should be made by doctors and not the courts. 

Judge Declaration: Ivermectin & Improvement Again

However, Judge Nowak, on Jan. 8, ordered the hospital to “immediately administer the drug Ivermectin,” court papers reveal. Attorney Lorigo declared, “In 46 years as an attorney, I’ve never seen another case where a family had to get a court order to continue a treatment that had already been started by a hospital.”

Now, Michael Smentkiewicz reports that his mom’s condition now improves with the administration of Ivermectin. He was quoted by Buffalo News, “She called me (Wednesday) night. Her voice was raspy, but it was so exciting to hear her voice.” He continued, “She is sitting up in bed. She’s off the ventilator, but she has a cannula in her nose, providing supplemental oxygen.” She appears to be “turning the corner” in her fight, thanks to Ivermectin—and a judge. Perhaps, the son suggests, the “power of prayer” helps as well.

Ivermectin Status

As TrialSite has extensively chronicled, mounting data leads a growing number of physicians to consider it an important treatment to help combat COVID-19, along with vaccines and other approaches, such as monoclonal antibody-based products under emergency use authorization.

Although Ivermectin, approved for fighting parasites and lice, for example, is not yet approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), seemingly knowing where the data is headed, the National Institute of Health (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel recently issued a change in position on Ivermectin

Ivermectin has some passionate supporters in the medical field, but the U.S. Food & Drug Administration says the drug has not yet been approved for use in this country as a COVID-19 treatment.

TrialSite has led all media platforms as an independent and objective focus on studies around the world. TrialSite has accumulated and tracked more data about Ivermectin studies than any other media. The U.S. research establishment has been resistant to Ivermectin, despite accumulating data from randomized controlled trials from around the world. However, with growing data, there are signs of change. It’s unfortunate it’s taking so long.

FLCCC Influence

Dr. Pierre Kory, a physician that TrialSite often interviews, was mentioned in the Buffalo News article. The co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), Dr. Kory testified before Congress and the Senate that use of the drug could prevent “needless deaths.” The FLCCC just visited the NIH as well which could have triggered the update in Ivermectin’s status.