New Research Suggests Effectiveness of Simple Blood Test for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

New Research Suggests Effectiveness of Simple Blood Test for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer could be detected
up to five years before there are any clinical signs of it, using a blood test
that identifies the body's immune response to substances produced by tumour
cells, according to new research presented at the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference November 3, 2019.

Research Center

Researchers at the
University of Nottingham (UK) have found that these tumour-associated antigens
(TAAs) are good indicators of cancer, and now they have developed panels of
TAAs that are known already to be associated with breast cancer to detect
whether or not there are autoantibodies against them in blood samples taken
from patients.

In a pilot study the
researchers, who are part of the Centre of Excellence for Autoimmunity in
Cancer (CEAC) group at the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, took blood
samples from 90 breast cancer patients at the time they were diagnosed with
breast cancer and matched them with samples taken from 90 patients without
breast cancer (the control group).

They used screening
technology (protein microarray) that allowed them to screen the blood samples
rapidly for the presence of autoantibodies against 40 TAAs associated with

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