Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium Launches Immune Atlas Advancing Personalized Myeloma Treatments

Open Book Of prostate multiple myeloma, Conceptual Image

The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium has launched an immune atlas advancing personalized myeloma treatments.

Multiple myelomas, also known as plasma cell myeloma, is a cancer of plasma cells. A type of white blood cell which normally produces antibodies, often no symptoms are noticeable. As it progresses bone pain, bleeding, frequent infections and anemia may occur. The cause is unknown. Risk factors include obesity, radiation exposure, family history, certain and chemicals. Perhaps 30,770 U.S. adults are expected to develop multiple myeloma this year.

Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC)

MMRC champions collaboration and integration across academia and industry to focus on speed and innovation to bring the most promising multiple myeloma treatments to market. Founded by Kathy Giusti, a myeloma patient and chief executive officer of MMRC, which comprises 14 member institutions nationwide that form its clinical trials network. The MMRC also includes a shared tissue bank of annotated tissues and peripheral blood samples from Multiple Myeloma patients. MMRC membership is available on the link.

The Precision Medicine Research Initiative: Immune Atlas

MMRC has launched the precision medicine research initiative called Immune Atlas, the pilot will establish a “gold standard” immune profiling platform for multiple myeloma research studies, and to produce the kind of strong immune and genomic data necessary for personalized medicine delivery. Precision medicine utilizes an approach that focuses on genetic tests to tailor treatment according to each patient’s need. Once validated the hope that this sort of program can be rolled out in the community.

The program is part of MMRC’s three-year plan that centers on the production of meaningful immune information to support precision immune-oncology efforts. As such Immune Atlas was a key discussion topic at the MMRF Immune Summit 2019 held in Norwalk, CT.