MSU & USF Seeks Participants for the PACT Study: A Clinical Trials Focusing on Dementia Treatment

Michigan State University (MSU), along with sponsor University of South Florida, are seeking participants for a dementia clinical trial known as the PACT study. With an increasing number of aging Baby Boomers, dementia becomes an ever growing (and costly) problem. The team hopes that specific cognitive intervention known as “speed of processing training or SPT” can significantly delay the onset of clinically defined dementia.

 The PACT Trial

Sponsored by the University of South Florida, the Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Cognitive Training or PACT clinical trial addresses the growing dementia health crisis (the most expensive medical condition in the U.S. this increases in prevalence with age). More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a transitional stage between normal cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, and is indicative of higher risk for dementia. In addition to the obvious health and quality-of-life ramifications of dementia, there are high direct (e.g., subsidizing residential care needs) and indirect (e.g., lost productivity of family caregivers) economic costs. Implementing interventions to prevent MCI and dementia among older adults is of critical importance to health and maintained quality-of-life for millions of Americans.

Recent data analyses from the Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly study (ACTIVE) indicate that a specific cognitive intervention, speed of processing training (SPT), significantly delays the incidence of cognitive impairment across 10 years. The primary contribution of the proposed research will be the determination of whether this cognitive training technique successfully delays the onset of clinically defined MCI or dementia across three years.

The sponsors and collaborators, including MSU, seek 1,600 participants for this randomized, triple masked trial.

Dr. David Morgan Hunts for Dementia Cures

MSU’s Principal Investigator is Dr. David Morgan, professor of Translational Science in the College of Human Medicine. Dr. Morgan has spent his career, reports local news station WZZM 13, studying the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Morgan’s investigations have led to notable clinical trials involving dementia, including a vaccine and antibody injections that activate the body’s immune response in a quest to stop the buildup of protein called beta amyloid in the brain.

The PACT study is the result of a collaboration of Dr. Morgan with the University of South Florida, which seeks to investigate whether computerized training exercises or brain games can reduce the risk of dementia.

The Sponsors & Collaborators

The University of South Florida is listed as the sponsor while Michigan State University (MSU) and the National Institute of Aging are listed as collaborators. Study contacts are listed here.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. David Morgan, Michigan State University

Jerry Edwards, PhD, University of South Florida

Call to Action: Do you live in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan, and fit the inclusion criteria of the study: 1) you are 65+; 2) you do not have any neurological disorder; 3) you have not had a stroke or brain injury; and 4) you do not have mild cognitive impairment or dementia? Then you may help the mission to find ways to reduce the onslaught of dementia by participating in this study. Also note, they are having an open house Monday, September 30, 2019 5PM-6:15PM MSU Research Center, 400 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI. Visit the website to learn more. Do you need help connecting with MSU—contact TrialSite News and we are happy to help.