Mother of Maddie de Garay, speaks out about her 13 year old daughter’s life altering injuries from Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

In late July 2020, the US-based Pfizer-BioNTech phase 3 trial of adolescents aged 12-15 years began, 1131 were administered two-doses of the vaccine and 1129 were given a placebo. Maddie de Garay, aged 12 at the time, was one of the 1131. Stephanie, her mother, shares Maddie’s heart-breaking story of how her daughter can barely see, suffers from tinnitus, mobility issues, vomiting, blood in her urine, numbness in her body, and has at least 10-20 seizures a day. 

Within 24 hours of receiving the second dose in early January, Maddie experienced “zapping pain up and down her spine with severe abdominal pain..her toes and fingers turned white and were ice cold..” Maddie later cried out “Mum, it feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest!”

After receiving a call back from Pfizer’s trial hotline, they were told to send Maddie to the same hospital where the trial was run, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Even though it was obvious to Maddie’s parents that she was suffering from adverse effects to the vaccine, the hospital ran tests for a suspected appendicitis and sent her home after having confirmation that there were no signs of a ruptured appendix. None of the tests that...

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