More on the Recent Impressive Leronlimab Results: Why Doesn’t Leronlimab Attract more Attention?

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More on the Recent Impressive Leronlimab Results Why Doesn’t Leronlimab Attract more Attention

The TrialSite recently reported that Baylor University Medical Center recently announced its initiative to study leronlimab, an investigational drug for HIV infections that is under evaluation due to its apparent ability to inhibit lung inflammation associated with COVID-19. The largest not-for-profit health system in Texas was selected by sponsor CytoDyn to participate in an ongoing Phase 3 study. In the meantime, the company recently reported impressive results from its Phase 2 clinical trial. Some analysts question why the medical and research establishment is ignoring this promising drug targeting COVID-19 TrialSite appreciated the perspective as dozens in the TrialSite Network have sent inquiries as to why leronlimab doesn’t attract more attention.

Recently, Seeking Alpha’s Thomas Barnard commented on what the TrialSite views as a growing common question: why isn’t this company and drug getting more attention? Mr. Barnard reports on the known facts about the recently announced data from the Phase 1 clinical trial

·         Those patients on leronlimab experienced 63% less Serious Adverse Events than the control group

·         Overall 58% less patients impacted by SAE

·         The drug actually reduces the viral load in COVID-19 patients to zero in 14 days

·         The company will seek an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA to allow patients to address unmet need.

Mr. Barnard via the robust Seeking Alpha online platform offers a solid, well summarized description of the positive attributes of the recent Phase 2 clinical trial sponsored by CytoDyn.

Lack of Even Intellectual Curiosity

TrialSite has received many comments and emails requesting the site look into why leronlimab doesn’t attract more attention. Mr. Barnard’s point of view was recently published hence it made sense to hopefully direct readers to Seeking Alpha to read his point of view.

Although it appears that this drug can possibly reduce suffering associated with more severe COVID-19 cases, the analyst writes “even though the stock went down after the release of these results, and media is ignoring this work, BARDA is ignoring this work, the private foundations are ignoring this work, it nevertheless is important work in reducing suffering.” The “long” holder here suggests considering the unfolding facts in the form of the various clinical trials results, whether for triple negative breast cancer, CTCs, HIV studies and of course now COVID-19.

Company Conference Call

The company’s leadership, Nader Pourhassan, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Kelly, MD, Chairman, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Business Development, and Jacob Lalezari, MD, Senior Science Advisor, will hold an investment community conference call on Thursday, July 30, 2020 to provide a comprehensive update on the Company’s two trials for COVID-19 patients with mild-to-moderate and severe-to-critical indications.

Call to Action: Those interested in learning more about this company from an investment or scientific and medical perspective: it may be worth attending or listening to this event. The webcast can be accessed here

Source: CytoDyn


  1. John Smeason

    Did you happen to read the results were not statistically significant? And only reported the topline safety for SAEs and nothing else. As a publication on Trials you’d think this would be important consideration in your coverage. The Phase 2 efficacy data has still not been reported but likely will also fail to meet statistical significance because of poor trial design.

    Hard to make big news out of this kind of data.

    • kevin tomera

      today they presented that all 4/4 primary endpoints were met even as early as day 3 then 7 and then `4
      as to SAEs remember that erections were SAE for sildenafil. similarly headaches diarhea etc related to covid19 are SAE because not part of the respiratory symptom complex .
      survival study might be broken monday by safety committee, there is no question looking at Bruce Patterson paper with RANTEs 100x normal in critical and only 5-10x in mild/moderate that Covid19 is primarily a RANTES disease.
      at UCLA e IND average hospital stay was 5 days for 28pts very different from the “success” of remdesivir at 11 days.

    • Craig

      John…you are pathetically ignorant as to the facts here. I can explain them to you, but I cannot understand them for you. But you’re a fool for posting such garbage. Leronlimab exceeded its goals and that information will be released within the next 10 days or so. You need help, but hopefully not from leronlimab, since you think it’s such a failure.

    • Tom Wiods

      The data you stated is missing from their report is currently being analyzed and will report completed.
      Study the science for leronlimab.
      It blocks the CCR5 receptor thus quelling the cytokine storm responsible for the lung, liver, kidney failure and thrombosis which is what kills people.

    • Marie

      JOHN SMEASON, The only Insignificant here is you and your garbage comment. Sorry but not sorry that your brain isn’t big enough to comprehend the data that was presented..

  2. Don B

    Ok so what’s your take on why cydy is being ignored? My view is that the media just reads what’s put in front of them by others who do the same thing. Journalistic research ain’t what it used to be for sure. There’ll be lots of folks in the media very much surprised when Cytodyn releases the trials results.

  3. Ray Worthy

    I have an MD after my name (and a PhD as well) and the lack of coverage about this drug astounds me. If it is not all over the national news by the end of this week, I will have lost faith not only in our medical-industrial complex, but I am slowly losing faith in the capitalism practiced in our democracy which more and more seems to refute the long held narrative that market forces will promote the true winners in the long run. The Big Pharma forces have me questioning if that narrative was ever true and it is especially disheartening that such manipulation to bury a drug would take place during a pandemic. 2020 has been a tragic and sobering year and I’m afraid the American Narrative is coming due for a wrenching rewrite.

    • Arkan Al Amin

      I don’t think you understand how to read the publication. Let me guess: you are not in the medical research field.

  4. Patricia J Pearson

    Why hasn’t the media talked more about this?

  5. Donald O'Fee

    The politics surrounding Covid 19 are the heart of the CYDY dilemma. A presidential election year and geopolitical tensions have accelerated the race to find a solution. Big pharma’s political tentacles and FDA relationships,
    have pushed the ball into there court. Would love to see the amount of money being contributed to the 2020 campaigns!
    This where the little guy becomes an insignificant pawn in a political system bent on saving their own hides.

  6. I Don't Understand

    Why mainstream media published one live matter and have not published this potential drug which can potentially save many lives matter?

    Do US’ mainstream media or their chief editors really bother to report the accomplishments by the smallish companies or only the giants’?

    Why such a potential drug Leronlimab is not published shared by the mainstream media???

    Do US’s Mainstream Media help the minorities and smallish emerging companies???

    So Sad for America…..

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