More Intelligent Diagnosis & Matching Cancer Patients with Trials: Does the Precipio & TrialJectory Combo Overcome the Barriers?

Feb 2, 2020 | Cancer, Cancer Clinical Trials, Oncology, Online Patient Recruitment, Patient-Trial Matching

More Intelligent Diagnosis & Matching Cancer Patients with Trials Does the Precipio & TrialJectory Combo Overcome the Barriers

New York area-based TrialJectory, an AI-powered technology platform venture supplying clinical trial-matching service supporting the clinical trial search, enrollment and engagement by cancer patients and their physicians, inked a new partnership with Precipio, a specialty cancer diagnostics company.

What is the problem this partnership is trying to solve?

It is well known that not enough cancer patients participate in important, potentially lifesaving cancer clinical research—about 1 in 20. And this obstacle becomes bigger as clinical research becomes more global and complex. The roadblocks must be removed, so that more patients can participate in clinical trials.

Making Diagnosis more Accurate: Precipio

They have built a platform designed to eradicate the problem of misdiagnosis by harnessing the intellect, expertise and technology developed within academic institutions and delivering quality diagnostic information to doctors and patients worldwide, reports Oncozine. Precipio partners with preeminent academic research centers such as Yale School of Medicine, Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the University of Pennsylvania.

Considered a cancer diagnostics reference laboratory, they tout that they deliver the latest in advanced diagnostics and personalized medicine. Their goal? Assist oncologists to provide the best care for their patients.


With Contour Venture Partners infusing $2.7 million in seed funding by end of 2019, TrialJectory can further expand and enrich its platform—from adding more clinical trials for different cancer types to expanding its outreach to the medical, biopharma and patient communities. The company reports that it has, to date, matched thousands of patients for clinical trial enrollment and adds news studies to its platform each week. TrialJectory uses advanced AI algorithms over governmental databases of clinical trials to generate accurate and up-to-date matches for cancer patients. The AI, driven by machine learning, has been designed to mimic the mind of an oncologist, reading the unstructured treatment descriptions and extracting relevant data to the patient. The system then clusters, classifies and standardizes the information generating a database highlighting patient attributes that, once patients self-report via a dynamic questionnaire, map to specific trials.

The Partnership

Together, the companies hope to offer cancer patients around the world a first-of-its-kind diagnostic and clinical trial-matching service to assist doctors in offering the best possible treatment for their patients. They believe the new service positions to “revolutionize the trial recruitment and engagement process” leading to faster clinical trials and expedited time to market.

How will they do this?

First, the partnership has been set up to eliminate obstacles. First CEO and founder of Precipio noted, “Cancer patients face two significant obstacles when it comes to effectively managing their disease: first, the danger of misdiagnosis and, second, finding the right clinical trial for them.” Oncologists are hindered as well due to the lack of patient access due to the rapidly growing number of treatment options. Add to the complexity, the processes involved in matching the right patient with the right treatment.

So by offering more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis right at the start of the battle against cancer (Precipio value proposition) and more intelligent matching with the plethora of advanced cancer trials (TrialJectory), the hope is that this new collaboration offers doctors and patients an easier to use, personalized matching to relevant clinical trials with the goal of enhancing overall survival for patients, Precipio CEO Danieli reported.


Although we are certainly moving toward a patient-centric, value-based health industry world, most if not all clinical trial matching websites don’t live up to their full potential. TrialJectory has taken a step further to overcome some of the key challenges hindering progress with patient/trial matching. But there is much more to the story as to why there are far more clinical trials than there are patients ready and willing to participate. TrialSite News will delve more into this important topic soon.

Source: Oncozine


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