Moderna mRNA-1273 Clinical Trials Kicks off in Sacramento at Benchmark Research

Moderna mRNA-1273 Clinical Trials Kicks off in Sacramento at Benchmark Research

Kelli Benedetti, one of the first of eight participants to join the Moderna phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial at Benchmark Research in Sacramento, California, commented recently she wasn’t too worried about the vaccine. While others fear that these rushed trials could somehow compromise safety, the medical heroes step forward to participate in what needs to be done to put a stop to SARS-CoV-2. With millions out of work, 152,839 deaths and 4.5 million cases, can mRNA-1273 stop this pathogen? A brief check in on Sacramento, California.

The Logic to Participate

When it came to Ms. Benedetti’s participation, she her husband, a physician has seen a lot of cases lately and suggested she will probably end up getting the virus: why not participate in the study; help the society fight back! Although Ms. Benedetti doesn’t consider herself a hero, Principal Investigator Doctor Greg Hachigian does, noting, “I’m very, very proud of anyone who comes in” continuing, “They’re heroes. The people coming in today are heroes.”

The Big Day

The other day was in fact a “Huge day! Probably a day I’ll never forget: the day we started the trial. Hopefully, we can cross our fingers that it works” declares Doctor Greg Hachigian for the Phase 3 study testing Moderna’s mRNA-1273.

Benchmark Site Director Nav Kooner chimed in on the stress factor: imagine what it has been like in the days preceding the study launch? “Its been a couple of stressful weeks to try to get it organized and get it up and going. But we are certainly very excited exclaimed Kooner.

The Study

This Phase 3 pivotal clinical trial is the news across the country as research sites launched the study. Its off to the races to test 300 there at Benchmark Research in Sacramento and 30,000 nationwide. The Benchmark team in Sacramento is now on the lookout for signs and symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Principal Investigator Dr. Hachigian commented to CBS 13 Sacramento, “We want to see how bad their symptoms are, do they end up in the hospital or is it a very minor infection.”

About Benchmark Research

TrialSite has showcased Benchmark Research recently as an independent site with locations in Austin, Fort Worth, San Angelo, New Orleans, San Francisco and of course the Sacramento office.

What about Sacramento?

TrialSite has introduced Sacramento as an important location for research. The California Capital metropolitan area, 2.2 million and growing, represents a diverse metropolis that still offers relatively affordable homes as compared to the astronomically high San Francisco eighty miles to the west. Benchmark ResearchClinical Trials Research or other sites sponsor should consider better understanding this part of California.

Lead Research/investigator

Doctor Greg Hachigian

Call to Action: If you live in the Sacramento area and want to participate in this important study, call 1-888-902-9605.


  1. Not a fan of this messenger-RNA vaccine on principle alone. I’ll pass and wait for a better one with proven safety and efficaciousness.